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Just curious, does anyone eat turkey "bacon"?

I'm looking for a cheap way to inject a little more protein in my bfast, so I went out and bought a package of Turkey "bacon". Maybe I'm not used to salt anymore, but wow is it ever salty tasting.

Don't let the word bacon fool you...it tastes nothing like bacon! Maybe a distant cousin, but it's certainly nothing like the real deal!


I've eaten lots off turkey bacon mainly when I visit my family. To salty by itself, but on some eggs topped with cheese its not so bad.


Post the nutrition facts for it and we'll be able to tell whether or not it's good/bad for you, and whether or not it has too much sodium.

BTW, cheapest way to inject some protein in your breakfast has to be eggs. Works for me because I don't care about variety, though.


1 Slice:

20cal, from fat 5
total fat .5
sat & trans 0
cholesteroal 10mg
carb, sugar, fiber 0
protien 3

sodium is high, but aside from that it's ok.

The only reason I don't do eggs is beacuse my 5th meal is 8oz steak & 8 (1 whole) eggs. I'm a little leary of developping a egg allergy. I've managed to make myself lactose intolerant which is a total pain in the ass, no cottage chees is killing me. I may go to 12 a day and split them between 2 meals...


I eat a clean breakfast 6 days as week. Saturday morning my chief cook & bottle washer wants something else for breakfast. A Wise decision is to have whatever she makes which usually includes either turkey bacon or turken sausage. You and I will live through the turkey bacon and turkey sausage.