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I have a frozen turkey that i got last december.does anyone know if it’s still good and for how long.

It should still be good. I would say it should last for a while as long as you keep your workouts short and put it back in the freezer right away. If you’re not already doing one-arm snatches with it, I would start those right away. Also try some over-the-head throws with it as shown in some of Coach Davies’ diagrams…although I think he prefers using a medicine ball. If you place it under your back, it should work even better than a swiss ball to provide some instability in the core movements. Another good one is to place it on the floor and do lateral drags by pulling it with the inside of the foot, or push it with the outside of the foot for those hip adductors. My turkey lasted for almost a year, using it in this fashion…but I was keeping her in liquid nitrogen between workouts.

It should still be good. Check for a date on it though. It might have frezzer burn or whatever you call it. Good luck.

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I believe it should be tossed (Coach Davis style) after 6 months in the freezer.