Hey just got to thinking, now thats something new getting in practice for my Final semester of Grad school.

With all the consistant talk on what to eat, ease, fast meals etc…I am just wondering if I am the only one who makes it a habit of roasting a BIG turkey seperating it into dark and light meat and freezing it. Talk about a Cheap way to get 20 or so lbs of AWESOME protein.

Just put it in the smaller sized zip lock bags. each will give a few servings. You can then thaw one as needed. Use it alone or in different mixes. Light meat for P+C dark when you want a little more fat ( my preference).

Just a thought the good ole turkey just doesnt seem to get much play anymore.It is a VERY inexpensive source. Also with the over population of Wild Turkey do as I do and go shoot 10 or twelve a year and you have grass fed birds. Fun and good eats. LOL

Turkey, not just for the holidays.


Do you really go shoot them, or was that just a joke?

LOL, yes I hunt them. They are overrun back in Kansas. The farmers will pay you at times to hunt them they eat the crops. It is nothing to see a flock of 50+ birds following the tractor as it lays the seed in the fields. That and feasting on the bugs when the brun the fields.

Legally you have to buy a tag, but they are dirt cheap now. 20 for the first and 5 for every one htere after. Hey you get some GPP and dinner.

Why would you rather some farm hand chop the head off of a bird that has been caged and force fed corn for it life.

The birds are a little gamier (sp) and a lot less fat, but if you cook them slow damn they are good. Hardly any white meat either, all is dark even the breast are almost dark.

Give it a try.



I’ll see if I can find some wild turkey around here. But I think the closest I’ll find is swans (hmm…I wonder what swan meat tastes like?), which by the way, all belong to the queen, so I’d get thrown in jail if I hunted them. I’m not joking.

Do you also de-feather, gut and carve 'em up before cooking? I can imagine some people not being too happy about me doing this sort of stuff in my uni residence :slight_smile:

Of course you have to feiald dress them and then later pluck and clean them. LOL

Hey many of the Birds here are Hybrids of birds brought from your side of the pond.

As for swans, I imagine they are like geese. Good, very greasy like duck.

Id pay to see you snatch one of the queens birds. LOL