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Turkey Warns Assad



Translation: "Quit making thousands cross our border"?

Or what?


Exactly. As someone living in Turkey, I can tell the government is pretty stern about this issue. Syria has recently carried out a military operation very close to the border and that greatly magnified the tension and the Turkish government imposed an ultimatum. On the other hand, Turkey is mostly bluffing since war would be disastrous for our country: There's no left central command chain to carry out even a simple battle. Due to internal affairs involving a made-up coup and the Ergenekon accusation, the air force is left without a high-ranking commander. The Chief of Staff of the Airforce and all 3 and 4 star generals are in jail and without the aerial front, war is very unlikely. There's no naval warfare either in this issue and the Army is heavily disturbed by the accusations as well: Many high ranking generals are incarcerated in order to wipe them out, an opposition to the current Government's near totalitarian regime.

So it's just a bluff.