Turkey Sausage

I have been eating 1/2 of a Jenny -0- 95% Fat Free Turkey Sausage for 1 of my meals every day. Is this stuff okay or is it as bad as lunch meat? I see no reason that the protein would not be fairly good as it is from Turkey Breast. 1/2 Sausage is 10g fat and 40g Protein!

It’s okay.

It is great-I love the stuff as well. I eat it about 5 times per week. the protein is just under beef…

Anyone esle know about what kind of protein were talking about here?! Thanks

How many ounces per sausage? I seems like a lot of protein for half a sausage. Anyways, I’m sure it 's fine to eat.

since when is Chris Shugart an expert on sausage and its protein content. Christ I love those Thailand articles, but for god sakes, Turkey sausage?

What are the ingredients? Some of those low fat sausages use soy fillers.

What’s the deal with lunchmeat? I eat a 1/2lb of smoked turkey everyday for lunch. It has 11 grams of protein a 2 oz serving. Plus it’s easy! Please advise. Thanks.