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Turkey Hill Ice Cream


Has anyone else tried this stuff... The Dutch Chocolate only has 70 calories per serving(half cup), no fat, and no sugar added, 20 grams of carbs. Really good, I ate a whole container once after lifting for some fast carbs and it was great not feeling guilty at all.


No added sugar but something has to be added to make the choclate sweet. Im not saying dont eat the crap, eat it if you like. But hell Id rather go in moderation if doing icecream and get the real deal.

What else is added to make it sweet?? Heck the can label crumbled snickers bars as an ingredient, or nestle chocolate syrup and as long as they dont add EXTRA sugar can label it no added sugar.

Just my take,


My attitude as well. I am always cautious about 'low' variations of anything. I am cautios as if there is 'less' of something, there is more of something else, and the more of something else is generally crap and worse for you than the macro it replaces.