Turkey Burgers

I hear all the time hamburgers are a no-no, but I am curious about the ruling on turkey burgers. Is ground turkey beneficial at all for putting on mass?

Turkey Burg’s are good for staying lean. There is plenty of protien and a lot less fat. You can eat these and gain.

But…if your goal is to gain lots of mass, then just go for the ground beef. Sure it has more fat, alot more fat, but it tastes better and has more protien (not a lot more though).

Kir Dog


Turkey burgers suck. You want turkey-eat turkey. You want burger-eat burger. In fact, there are many ‘turkey’ whatevers that actually have MORE fat in them than good lean ground beef. Alot of times they grind the cheap dark meat in and 5that has more fat.

disagree with the disagreement. I eat lots of ground turkey, but of course I keep it lean just as I would ground beef. Ground turkey works great in a lot of applications I’d never dare to put beef into.

But the bottom line is: if it’s FOOD, not junk, it can have a place in your eating agenda!

I can eat ground turkey only if I add tons of seasoning to it.

I can’t bring myself to eat turkey burgers though. I can’t stand the taste, even with lots of ketsup and mustard.

I forgot why I stopped buying them a few months ago, so I bought a package, after all, the amount of protein in them is great. I quickly remembered why I stopped buying them.

oh man i LOVE turkey burgers, the kind i get have 20grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, and 0 carbs. i could eat those bad boys all day :smiley:

Make your own turkey burgers - dont ever buy ready made ones - you think they put just pure turkey breast in there? - nope! lots of fillers and the leftover scraps, like turkey’s bollocks and the the such like. Get a pack of turkey breasts, chop up turkey, cut up some spring onions, seasoning, i-2 lightly beaten eggs, throw in a mixer and hey presto turkey burgers/patties. Can’t get cleaner than that.

Go with regular turkey breasts, they’re less processed. I can’t stand turkey burgers, but I don’t mind turkey sausages as much.

That’s 120 calories from protein and 90 calories from fat; is that the ration you want?

The bit about the cheaper parts of the turkey (and the dark meat) being ground in is true; ground turkey can have more saturated fat than the lean ground bef you buy. Get used to reading the nutritional info on all packages, and you can make smart choices.

And as for taste: go ahead and season anything you eat, all you want. Herbs and spices aren’t adding calories, but they ARE making a meal a whole lot more interesting. Lean ground turkey in chili rather than lean ground beef won’t alter the fact that it’s chili-flavored.

If you buy ground WHITE meat turkey it has very little fat if this is a concern. Don’t buy that crap ground turkey in the tube.

Oh, and unless you’re allergic, beef is your friend. Buy lean if you are concerned about fat.

I’m with Sabrina…

Turkey and beef burgers are fine, IF made with:

  1. Ground Turkey Breast that you’ve picked out and had the butcher grind.

  2. Ground Lean Ground Beef.

(DO NOT use the “already-ground-for-you” stuff!)

Do a google, and you have access to literally HUNDREDS of recipes.


To parrot everyone else, turkey is good, but so is lean beef. Eat both, they’re good for you and will put the pounds on.

lean ground beef-96% fat free. not a no-no, a yes yum

[quote]eaglesone wrote:
lean ground beef-96% fat free. not a no-no, a yes yum[/quote]

yeah 4% ground beef is what i’ve been using for awhile now. with liberal amounts of olive oil, you get a gorgeous macronutrient profile.