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Turkey Breast Recipies

I got bored of chicken and steak so i invested some money in turkey breasts. anyone have any good recipi’s that are relatively simple, because i cooked this like i did chicken and it tastes like absoulute shit and seemed really dry.

no idea what im doin…

Rub the turkey with melted butter (no trans fat, of course) and Herbes de Provence. Place the turkey on top of quartered onions, oranges, and lemons and roast in the oven as you would chicken breasts. Don’t eat the onions, oranges, and lemons afterwards, though. They’re just for adding flavor and moisture to the turkey.

Or, rub them with common Thanksgiving spices, like sage and thyme, and saute or roast them. They may be a little dry if they’re thick, though, so I’d suggest pounding them to about an inch or less in thickness.

Otherwise, check out Food Network’s website for other recipes.

try cooking it in Coconut Oil, “The good saturated fat”


Check out Lisa Maries threads in the MWA section. They have more recipes than we could ever …ever… stumble across at T-Nation.

I usually make turkey burgers on my George Foreman. Taste fine to me. A little cajun season always helps though.

im liking eggers suggestion, i just hate dry meat so this seems to be my best bet