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Turkey & Black Bean Om-wich


Another breakfast dish that I like to cook up.

2 Slices Turkey Breast
1/4 Cup Black Beans
3 Whole Omega 3 Eggs
1/2 Cup Guacamole
2 oz Sharp Cheddar Cheese

First, pan fry the turkey breast in one pan, and throw the 3 eggs scrambled into a separate pan.

You can either throw the beans in the pan with the turkey or warm them up in the microwave. I prefer the microwave because I like to spread the guacamole on the turkey breasts after I flip them. This way the guacamole will heat up a bit.

Once the turkey is done, stack it on a plate. Then, remove the eggs and place them on top of the turkey. Lastly, top with the beans and cheese.

Now eat. Delicious.


that sounds unbelievably delicious. do you use cold cuts or actual turkey breast?


Cold cuts. I don't remember much about the brand etc, I just tried to get as close to unprocessed as I could.