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Turinabol vs D-bol

Ok, I know T-bol is like D-bol with no bloat. I have heard and read very little about T-bol ( even though what I read is always good things).

What are your experiences with T-bol, and how do you compare it to D-bol?

Which would you most likely spend your money on and why?

P.S What the fuck is Fonz-a-noon-bol (inside joke in that question, see if you get it)


I have two friends on now that have said they like it… I need to get more specifics.

I did a post a while ago about my friend who was a sprinter and first time user. He did IP drol50mg/day Ip win 100mg/day for 3 weeks then he went to 100mg/day RSOC turin… he loved it and over the whole run gained 18lbs I think… maybe more. Oh and he wasn’t bloated and no gyno
sick pumps though

Me personally would go with RSOC Turinabol. Its about 50% as effective as D-ball, with no bloat. Also no lower back pains, less toxic, and can use higher dosages for longer periods of time. I think OT is the better product cause it gives you “lean” gains. I would recommend 100mg daily.