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Turinabol vs Anavar?

Hi All,

Wanted some perspective mostly on Tbol. I have run Var, and wasn’t all that impressed. I thought maybe it was fake. At the same time I did set some PRs on squats and bench (after being sick pretty much the whole week before my PLing meet). Those PRs could be attributed to the Test E I was running (325 mg/wk), the training, etc, which makes it harder to determine what impact it had.

For those that have run both, what are your thoughts? On a mg vs mg basis which produced more gains? Side effects?

I really wanted to like the var, but maybe it just isn’t for me, maybe my var was fake, maybe it was real, and I just underestimated it? Tbol offers a similar risk / reward ratio on paper. Does that play out in reality?

Which would you run and why?

I can answer any questions you have regarding tbol, but alas can not compare it to Var which I’ve never run.

What did you think on gains? I’m thinking of adding it to the end of a cycle of 500 mg test. Thinking 40 a day split twice.

I am okay with less total weight gain, if it is just going to be water with dbol or drol. I think both of those probably have better gains even after the water comes off, but have worse impacts to lipids and other bad sides.

The gains were minimal but solid. No noticeable side affects for me at 40mg/day. It added about 4-6 lbs on top of my TRT dose in 6 weeks. I looked more solid without bloat. A few friends noticed. Sadly, like most anything I’ve tried the gain was short lived. I reverted back to a softer look and lost the weight quickly after ceasing. Oh and strength gains were there but I wasn’t training for anything specific just noticed I could add a few reps to my existing weight.

That is pretty good IMO. I would be very happy with that if it is almost all muscle.

I think you are more developed than I am. I think it just gets harder to keep gains.

I am now down to 205 at 5’10". I would say you are a couple percent lower body fat than me in your most recent posted picture.

Sounds like Tbol might make pretty good sense for me. I was thinking dbol or drol, but I am thinking going a milder option is a good way to go. I think not having any E2 conversion is a pretty nice feature, and the super low androgen properties would be really nice. I think with test it could be really nice, and not a hard to manage cycle.

Do you think at this point going up in TRT dose would result in more muscle held? I am unsure about how much impact it would have? I know a few monstrous dudes claim a trt dose of like 150 mg a week, and they really seem to hold almost all the muscle between the blasts. Maybe it is a BS claim?

I think it likely is, but some folks have superior genetics and others just respond well to test. I am middle of the road with both regards, not bad but not great. I TRT on 130-140mg/wk. I definitely think increasing your dose by 25% would add several lbs of muscle. However, I’m still not about exceeding upper limits of medicinally accepted levels (labcorp range) for the long term. I know it could be argued to death that they are artificially low due to obesity, pollution, declining test levels etc but I’m still on the cautious side. I like to stick to 2 increases/blasts of test per year for 8-12 weeks along with one-two mild compounds. Thats just me. Tbol is not lipid friendly but its mild otherwise.


I’ve done var and tbol,both have their place, Tbol gives a bit more mass and var more strength. Tbol is more subtle but it’s good. I’d choose it for me now over dianabol. I’ve never run it on TRT, always as part of a cycle, I’m just finishing an Anavar run, next time I think I’ll try some tbol, I’m interested in your results if you give it a stab

IIRC, there was a study by Brad Shoenfeld (probably butchered that last name), that showed that every 100 ng/dL corresponded to on average about a lb (maybe it was a kilo?) of muscle extra. This was in naturals, so a bit of apples to oranges.

Another possible thing is that the huge guys do use actual TRT doses, but blast often enough that their average is pretty high. If using long esters, and doing 12 on 12 off, you would really only be at TRT levels for about 6-8 weeks (especially if you start TRT immediately after the cycle, and don’t let your levels fall as quickly).

Not a terrible idea IMO (I do a bit more, but am already thinking of reducing it a bit). You are also getting top of the range in trough, naturals are measuring at peak. I would guess 900 ng/dL for you results in a significantly higher average level than the blessed natty who measured at 900 in the morning.

Solid strategy IMO.

Strength is what I am really after, but if offseason, I think Tbol is the next run. For my next meet, I’ll probably just do it with some drol or dbol on TRT if weight isn’t a concern. If it is, maybe more Var.

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I think you’re on the money here. I can ‘hold’ my blast gains for about two months post blast before they start dwindling toward my TRT frame. But I don’t blast that often. If I were running a 10 on and 10 off or something like that I could probably keep growing. But alas, I’m really happy where I am for the most part. I may do a small blast here or there but I’m mostly out of this game. I’m never gonna be YUGE unless I take health risks and my wife hates it when I even get close to that look. So… I’ll stay here dispensing what I’ve learned but likely not partake much anymore.

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Man, you are downplaying your physique IMO. Your avatar is at a level of the most jacked guys at most gyms. Even your most recent picture is not at all comparable to the average guy your age. Top 1% of general population men IMO. We are now surrounded and exposed to so many freaks we start to think it is normal to be big and lean. It isn’t. The best guys in the 1950s (Mr. America contestants and such) wouldn’t even be seen as impressive on the internet now.

I encourage you to keep things safe. You don’t want to regret things down the road, and you have already got a good physique. No need to use 3X as much to add an extra 10 lbs IMO.

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That’s the truth. You have a solid perspective on things and I always enjoy your posts. I appreciate your opinion in that matter and believe it to be spot on.

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I think we both are analytical in our approaches (and general thinking), and have come up similar conclusions independently (although you have convinced me on some things). I can defend my advice given here (or at least most of it) with solid logic (so I don’t think it is an echo chamber effect).

I see solid reasoning in several members here. Iron comes to mind (convinced me on a few items, especially the logic about the oral at the end being a good option). Unreal was really analytical, but went too deep for most posters here with a couple hours of research. I enjoyed his posts though.

Just to pile on a little: what shaw said about tbol is spot on. I’ve only run var once, and I was running it with dbol and nolva. Even in that combo, didn’t see anything drastic in strength gains (or mass for that matter).

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200mg/week will keep you retaining muscle even after catching Covid, not working out for 3 months and literally starving yourself eating one meal a day. I lost 25 pounds and still have some (albeit not all) muscle left which is a miracle to say the least. I’m sure 150mg is fine but 200mg is where it’s at if muscle is a priority.

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After having been at 120 for so long I imagine that jumping to 200 would make a noticeable difference to me. Unfortunately my HCT gets way too high at that dose for very long and even I can’t pretend like it’s not a danger zone levels.

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How did you do that Chris?

The forum automatically embeds Youtube videos when just the link is posted, so I just gave it a little snip and trim.

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