Turinabol Thoughts?

How do y’all rate turinabol?

Doesn’t seem like anyone ever talks about it. On paper, though, it sounds like it’d be pretty decent.

Thinking I might try a cheeky 4 week kickstart with it in my spring cycle.

that’s weird, someone else posted a similar thread today…

I liked it the first time I used it, but when I ran it again last summer/fall I got the worst back pumps. Gained a few pounds, and (mostly) kept them when I came off. I think it was Walkway was saying the weight gains from it are just increased glycogen storage. Stuff works though, one of the write-ups I found online had a list of what the East German Olympians accomplished using just TBol (allegedly).

I like it. Good pumps, nice strength gains.

Was running it at 80mg a day

Interesting, from my research it does seem that most places just sell dbol in its place.

Dunno, might give it a try or just run good ole dirty diana…

Just my two cents

From my knowledge, Turanabol has a predominantly anabolic effect which is combined with a relatively low androgenic component. Whereas d-bol Has a relatively mild androgenic effect and a very high anabolic effect . So with the d-bol you will experience big gains on strength and mass, though most of it will be water weight, but your joints will love you ð???. Whereas t-bol it’s going to be a slower build up of strength and the muscle gain will be less, although more qualitive. I guess another plus with the t-bol is the fact it isn’t particularly subject to aromatising. So I guess it comes down to your personal preference, maybe t-bol could be a welcomed change

If you choose tbol, make sure you have an A.I. lying around.

I personally chose tbol because it does not aromatize. I was pyramidding my dosage and at 40 mg started getting tender in my chest… It was obviously dbol. My weight also shot up by 8kg in two weeks.