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Turinabol Only First Cycle

I’m 2 weeks into my first cycle of any steriods. Currently I’m having 30mgs of Tbol a day. As expected, I haven’t seen any dramatic results. I was worried about steroids and their side affects so for my first cycle I opted to with tbol so I don’t have to deal with oily skin and other effects from aromatization. Luckily I haven’t seen any side affects yet. I know, oral only cycles are crazy. But I just needed an extra boost, I have 8 weeks and I’m trying to put on some size before I go on a holiday with my friends. want Some extra information from those who have actually taken it.

I still haven’t decided on a pct. not too sure how much I should run it for either. Would like to hear from someone that’s been on a tbol cycle?

Your gonna do what you want regardless of what anyone says. Why should anyone waste their time?

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Your “extra boost” is shutting down your natural testosterone production. That is literally one step forward (taking tbol) and causing two steps back(test shutdown and muscle loss while running PCT). This tbol only cycle will result in a LOSS of muscle.

Oral only cycle almost always end in a loss of muscle. Even if you at least had trt levels of test being used with orals you would still only have minimal net gains. You don’t even have testosterone in your system at this point.

You don’t even have your PCT planned or even have it on it’s way!?!?!?!? You should have not started the cycle without it.
You need to go order some Nolvadex or clomid YESTERDAY!

If you decide to continue in this world of AAS (steroids) then you need to realize that you can not reinvent the wheel. There are ways we use these compounds for a reason. The established practices are there because they have been proven to be the safest way to use a given compound(s). Please spend some more time reading and researching before you take anymore steroids.

Worried about oily skin and aromatisation, but not fucked up lipids, impaired hepatic function etc. You’re going on holiday, I assume there will be some consumption of alcohol involved, wouldn’t do that after a cycle involving orals.