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Turinabol Only Cycle?


I need to drop some fat. My goal is to keep my strength or even increase it, while dropping 6% body fat. Would a cycle using only Oral Turinabol for 6 weeks be effective? I've heard that oral only cycles are a waste but from what I have read about OT it seems like a perfect match for my goals.

Here was what i was planning:
wk1-2 30mg OT/day
wk 3-4 40mg OT/day
wk 5-6 50mg OT/day
then PCT for 2-3 weeks.

My stats:
30yr old
222lbs @ 16% body fat +/-
bench 429
Squat 550
DL 583

I compete in powerlifting and train using the westside method.


If you're making the leap into steroids why not go for the full monty?

As I understand it nothing comes close the efficacy of actual test.


I've used several cycles but I try to use the least amount I need to accomplish my goals. I am a powerlifter and I really have no desire to gain any more weight, just strength. I just want to get leaner right now for aesthetic reasons (summer) while increasing my strength. Test is good, but I am very prone to gyno and (for me) its expensive. I can get fina, dbol, OT and winny very cheaply. Do you really think test is the way to go for a cutting/strength cycle? If so why?


I can second that just bc "full monty" might be best overall in many ways, it still might not be best for certain people at certain times. I mean, let's say that you dont want it to be obvious to everyone in your daily life that you are taking illegal steroids. Well then I can understand someone not wanting to take something that causes water retention, red skin, quick and drastic increases in weight, etc like many of the "full monty" options do. Other reasons someone might want to go softcore on cycle include not wanting to rock the boat too much sexually if in new relationship or something. Hell even Mag10 messed me up for a few weeks sexually so can only imagine what full monty would do.

For some people it's not the illegality but rather side effects that they are primarily worried about with steroids.


I don't know a whole lot about cutting cycles, pete, I was just curious why you opted for OT.

Price is important, that stuff isn't cheap. And as far as oral only cycles go OT is pretty good from what I understand.

Best of luck, man.


I have read from various sources that you don't need a lot of AAS in order to simply maintain muscle mass while dieting. So why spend more money, take more risk, etc. than you need to to get the job done? The main thing I want to find out is if anyone has ever used just OT in a cutting cycle and if it was successful.


Thanks for the help, Ghost. I opted for OT because it doesn't aromatize, it doesn't cause water bloat, and its reputed to give the user decent strength gains. I can get it for a decent price so thats another big reason. I've just never an oral only cycle.


Pete, if you decide to go this route, I hope you let us know how well it works. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would be interested.


I believe you will have much better results running tren then you would the ot. Strength gains on Tren are tremendous. Even when i diet with extremely low carbs/calories to lean out, my strength is still phenomenal with it. With what you have available your best options would be.

Tren 100mg EOD
Winni 50mg ED


Tren 100mg EOD
OT 40mg ED

No need to worry about gyno since none of these aromatize and both cycles will aid in creating a hard, lean physique and keep your strength up.


Tren and winny but for how many weeks ?


I have taken turinabol for 6 weeks and it did well for me. I gained about 15lbs off of it and was able to keep 11-12lbs the rest that I wasnt able to keep was mainly fat which I lost by cutting down my calories and carbs.

If you are looking for strength and doing oral only try anavar. Its better off for strength than turinabol. Turinabol is better for lean body mass as anavar is better for strength.

I have even seen some people using them both along with some test and I hear it works well.


I think you will like OT for what you want to do.

Most people won't run tren without test, and I truly don't think test is what you want. Tren's pumps are a bit too extreme for decent strength workouts in my opinion, but certianly people do it.

Anavar would work well also.


Thanks guys! I actually just got done with this cycle. I used it to prep for a Bench meet and lean out a bit. Worked well. No side effects, the OT did screw with my stomach though. I only ran it for 5 weeks because of this. But I had tremendous results with 70mg ED. For training I used a modified MM Bench program with slightly reduced volume. As for diet I ate along the lines of Bernardi's recomendations. High protein, low card, lots of vegies. I did drink 2 or 3 times, but nothing crazy. PCT was a joke. I used Clomid for 2 weeks and its been over a week now since the PCT ended and I'm making gains again and feel 100%.

215lbs @ 14.5%BF
455lb bench

So anyone looking to do a light oral only cycle might want to check OT out.


Great info. I love to hear real world experiences. Especially ones focused on light cycles for cutting or strength but not size.

Did you start at 70mg and run it ED the whole time or did you taper up and down trying to find the right dose for you?


I started at 50 ED for 2 weeks then went up to 70 ED for the last 3 just to see how it would work.


Here was what i was planning:
wk1-2 30mg OT/day
wk 3-4 40mg OT/day
wk 5-6 50mg OT/day
then PCT for 2-3 weeks.



Post Cycle Therapy...Better forget about the OT


just asked this qustion then found this recent post i was direct to an old one from my search. HOW WERE THE PUMPS ON IT?COULD YOU DO CARDIO OK?
Be nice to hear more.


I should have phrased that better. what would a suggested PCT be? Also, i've been doing reading on over the counter pct instead of nolva or clomid. anyone have experience with this/suggestions?