Turinabol Info/Experiences

Anyone got much experience with Turinabol?

I’m lifetime TRT now having been on for a couple of years.

Current protocol is 175mg test per week
1/4mg arimadex e1.5 days.

This has me.mid range e2 and top end test at trough - twice weekly for the test.

I’m looking at adding Turinabol in for recovery and a bit of lean mass gain just on the legs whilst eating in a slight defecit.

Training is approx 12 hours a week cycling- a lot of that can be really high intensity.

How long do people generally run turinabol?

What sort of dosing?

Tabs seem to come in 10mg

Anyone know the half life of it?


I loved Torinabol. It’s been years since I used it, but felt like a little stronger than Anavar but not as strong as DBol/Anadrol. I think the only issue is finding the real thing.


I agree with @swoops39. Was stronger than anavar for me. I basically had no perceivable negative sides effects other than back pumps.

It seemed to give me more reps per set fairly reliability. Only a bit more on top end one rep max strength.


Yeah I don’t remember any real sides. This was back when I knew nothing about any of this, so no labs or really worrying about how I was feeling day to day. Only issues was my guy getting the real thing or not, at least he was honest about it.


It is not the cheapest or most available oral for sure. Probably easier to get than anavar though.

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My guy had commercial-pharma Oxandrin back in the day. Don’t know how he got it lol. Only had it a couple times then it was gone for good.

At least we have compounded stuff today.

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Ta fellas-

Looks like a goer, sourcing some here in the UK might prove difficult though!