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Turinabol Increases Appetite?

hey folks,am on my 4th day of paper-turin(redi cat is the goods)and tho im sure its too early to feel anything,the last 2 days i seem to be really hungry,all the time.im not complaing,just wondering if it is common. i dont have troubles eating(just stopping sometimes!)im thinking i may have to start carrying round chicken breasts in my pockets.

That’s interesting. The only steroid I’ve heard of that increases appetite is Boldenone(EQ). Don’t know much about Turinabol, but if that’s one of the effects it has, you’ve got me interested in trying some, because one of my biggest obstacles to gaining mass is my poor appetite. I literally have to force food down when I am trying to bulk up. But, if I could willingly be hungry and eat because I WANT to eat, it’d be much better.

Kinda interesting you said that. I did a little deca/turanabol combo that I was very satisfied with during, and after, since I kept almost everything. I did notice somthing strange though and could never be sure which drug was doing it- I’d eat and have a full belly, then there would be this feeling like something big is astir at the bottom of the ocean, and then this wave of hunger would nail me. Surprisingly enough, more food would easily find its way down into a crammed belly.

From talking to friends who use alot of aromatizing androgens I’d never touch, they say the same thing happens to them on cycle. I think alot of AAS in general can boost hunger. I used to think hunger was related to nothing more than an empty stomach. No way… hunger sensation is definately caused in part by some chemical secretion. Made me slightly more sympathetic to fat asses because I realized whatever hormone or chemical is being secreted to create that hunger sensation, is very likely being over-secreted in those unlucky people.

Forgive the ignorance but what is the difference between paper-turin and turin caps?

Caps - capsules with turin
Parperturin - paper “soaked” in turin

[quote]eraserhead wrote:
Caps - capsules with turin
Parperturin - paper “soaked” in turin[/quote]

no ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiii

Hmm, Interesting I am taking 70mg a day with 500 mg of tren e and 625mg test e and I am more than happy with 6-7 liquid meals and 1 solid,and I have to force that down.

I was on a typical text cyp dose for TRT, not much compared to the serious lifters here. My appetite did not seem to change and I was eating little. When I started HCG my appetite really increased or I was no longer able to ignore my hunger. I can eat a lot more food now than before. So HCG might have this effect for some others. Another aspect, is that it might make some want to eat like they are pregnant… seeing as I would have a positive on a pregnancy test now :wink: