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Turinabol Binds to AR or ER?

I would like to try a never ending cycle ala Cy Wilson’s article with oral turinabol but I don’t know if it binds to the AR or ER. If it is as similar to dbol as everyone seems to think, I’m wondering if an extended turinabol and arimidex cycle is a good idea. I’d be doing a 50mg turinabol and .5-1mg arimidex ED. Thanks

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Thanks for the reply. Out of curiosity, what do you think of Cy’s long cycle plan? I imagine that t-suppression would increase as the length of the cycle increases, but I’m just guessing. In addition to another test booster, legal or otherwise (suggestions?), I would also stick to AM dosing in order to parallel the bodies own hormonal rhythms. Thoughts?