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Turinabol and Cytolmel Questions

How effective would 20-30mg of Turinabol be at speeding recovery after heavy lifting sessions? I’m not looking to gain muscle just not feel like hell for days afterward. I’m 38 and am looking for a boost, i’ve tried all the legal supplements and they just don’t work for me. Also I’ve read that when taking Cytomel you should take an anabolic to prevent’ muscle catabolism, would a low dose of Turinabol work for this?

Yes, I have had blood work done and was VitD deficent but have been on 50,000 IU’s a week for a year now so that should’nt be an issue. I’ve read everything I could find on steriods but no one seems to care about anything other than the dosage to use for mass building. Any personal experience would be great.Thanks

Have you gotten your testosterone levels tested?

I think a TRT dose of test is far better for your goals than indefinite use of tbol.

Were you feeling like shit only since the T3 or has the shitty feeling started with the T3 use?

Haven’t started the T3 yet, but had mt Test levels checked came back normal, they wouldn’t tell me the actual levels, that’s when the Dr. put me on the vit D.It helped a little but not much. What would be a therapeutic dose of test be? Thanks.

I suggest a new doctor. “Normal” is way too vague.

The TRT forum deals with all things regarding using testosterone for quality of life issues.