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Turinabol and Bleeding


I have read that using turinabol can lesson your bloods ability to clot. Does anyone have any experience with this and if so at what dosage?


I have not any problems with this personally..




I believe most anabolic steroids increase clotting time (prothrombin time). It is written in the literature on all steroids I've read about. Turinabol is similar to Dianabol, except for the fact it has a Chlorine attached to a carbon side chain which prevents it from aromatising. I've used Turinabol, and love it. I didn't notice that it increased clot time any more than any other steroids I've used. If you're having serious clotting issues check with your doctor.


I haven't used any yet, just researching. Tunrinabol shows up on almost every drug profile as increasing clotting time so i was looking for some real world advice from people who have tried it before. What dosage do you use with Turinabol?