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Turf Toe


so i've had the worst luck this offseason. grade 1 pec tear, pulld hammy and now turf toe. it happened on friday. ive been icing it consistently and frequently. its getting better the swelling is going down and the bruising is slowly starting to fade. i have order dmso in order so expedite the recovery process of the ligaments and fascia that may have been damanged during the hyper extension of the hallux.

the ROM is approximately 75-80% in comparison to the other foot however underneath the first metatarsal it is still extremely painful to put pressure on and affects my gait. it is april 11th and i need to be ready for a showcase at the start of may. does this sound like a grade 1 or 2 turf toe injury? it happened on a tackle where my foot obviously got stuck in the ground and big toe bent back upon contact. any tips hints guidelines anecdotes?


You are doing the appropriate things so far. But look into regular fascial work on your plantar fascia using a tennis, LAX, or golf ball. Also begin basic strengthening exercises for your toes - towel toe crunches, rice bucket work, etc.

There are also tape jobs you can do to help stabilize your toe or you can look into a steel plate insert for your shoe to help as well. You can get a half sole or full sole steel insert depending on your comfort level and where the pain is. (www.healthyfeetstore.com/turf-toe-insoles-half-steel.html)


Follow-up question: What the hamstring strain and turf toe on the same leg?


Thanks alot.. no they were not (not over compensation) the swelling is gradually going down. the rom is there like i said however it is extremely painful to use any heel-toe transfer and under the first metatarsal it is still store. however it is improving on a daily basis, im sure dmso will help once it arrives... thanks alot!