Turducken for My Family This Year

So after making jokes around the dinner table for the last couple of thanksgivings, this year my brothers and I decided to purchase a Turkducken (a chicken stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey) this year, and had it sent to my Parents’ house for our annual family Gathering. We selected the ‘Cajun Seasoned’ one because,… well, it just sounded yummy -lol. I’ll keep you guys posted if this turns out to have been a good idea, or just a gluttonous impulse by three meatheaded brothers from Long Island :smiley:

Happy Holidays to all.

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check out this thread Stu

Had one like 3 years back, they are pretty awesome.

Did you get it from Cabella’s? That’s where my parents got theirs last year. My dad loves turducken. I saw how they made that on a History Channel “secrets of holiday traditions” show.

Does anyone know a good place to get Turducken in Toronto?

You’ll probably end up doing the mail order thing (What we did, as not too many places stock them). If it’s an international thing, I’m sure there’s got to be at least one shop in all of Canada that would ship a bird within a bird within a bird :slight_smile: