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Turbocharge Yourself!

 I'd like to start off By saying that I ain't no cardio freak. I've developed a healthy, rock hard, rip-snortn' physique by doing lots of squats and deadlifts. But my heavy legs havn't run much lately. Until now.

 I found a treasure in running. Now you read any old book like "Arnold's encyclopedia of modern Bodybuilding" and He'll tell you he ran. Without looking I think it was like 5 minutes to warm up, and 25 afterward. Now I'll tell ya, the secret is, Run 5 minutes to warm your muscles up, then screw the after cardio. If you can drag yourself out the door Without creepin the chicks out after your done, you should call it good. When you work out, dont be too scientific. Do sets of 5 reps. Start out light. Like 35 pounds for curls and do 10 sets. You'll get a good pump and grow. Soon you'll be curling 80's. Do this for every thing. Periodize. Dude We're going out to eat spur of the moment. Later.




You know what else? Work out every day until you start to feel like Grundys. Then take two or three days off. But It's important to lift a lot of weight, (6 reps to failure for 5 reps per set.) (Ball park it, you'll know how you feel.

Don't be afraid of light weight to start and figure it out with your meatball head over time.) and do it every day. Seriously. As the great Chad Waterbury once said "It's Frequency that builds slabs, not failure", or something of the sort. I ate lobster by the way.





You should start writing articles. Send them in to Tim Patterson.


The OP is not a doctor, but plays one on the interweb.


Awesome tips! I'm gonna start today!


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Im going with the reports from ground zero here. This is unbelievable.



Coach Blok,

I tried to curl 35's today but I couldn't get them out of the rack it's too heavy so I thought maybe you meant a 35 barbell. So, I did that is that okay? should I lift the 35 barbell tomorrow too?


Prove it


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"5 minutes to warm up, and 25 afterward"



like 5 minutes to warm up, and 25 afterward

Ill try this.


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