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Turanibol vs. Anavar?

honest opinions on which is a better buy. I can get enough Var for a cycle for around $300 or enough for Turanibol for $100. What’s your take on effectiveness, gains, fat loss, etc etc?

Haven’t tried var but I would take any of them. Var is milder on the liver.

I have a shitload of dbol but I am still not convinced I should take it as I might bloat too much. In that case var is preferrable for example. Var is still used in clinical treatments.

Tbol and Var are pretty close in terms of effectiveness imo.

If it were up to me I would do Tbol.

Var is believe to have some fat loss capabilities correct? As well as increased vascularity?

Never taken either so take wghat you will from my post.

Tbol is better for size, var strengh.

I would stack them. and add some fucking test! lmao!

Unless you ave a pro/sport reason for choosing the drugs - maybe think outside the box??!


Let’s just say I will be going through a non-sport related 6 week period of extreme physical activity this summer and will be stacking whichever i choose with test E. I guess the most important factor to me is how it will affect my respiration(lots of running). I am looking for both size and strength

Hit the profiles man!

Tbol will not negatively effect your cardio…(lots of running). I know this from experience, I have no experience with Var however.