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Turanabol vs Legal Supps

Can anyone explain to me the difference between 4 chloro 17 a methylandro 4 ene 3 17 b diol, which is sold legaly otc, as pro magnom 25 and I think halodrol and the steroid turanabol. (chlorodehydromethlytestostrone) Which one is safer to use as far as liver toxcicity etc,

Jesus. WTF

ProMagnon25 and the original Halodrol were knock offs of OT. I believe chemically there’s only like one or two carbon changes. It sounds very close and some Internet users claim those products work decently. However, I must imagine they’re harsher on the liver the genuine OT. Also I would guess they’re more expensive for the net results you’d get. If you must take a pill go with the daddy, go with Dbol.

If you’re thinking TBol or knock-off because its going to be leaner gains forget it. I’d rather gain 15 pounds on dbol and lose half when I go off due to water loss than gain 3-4 pounds on tbol.