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Turanabol Questions...Again

Dear All

A quick insight to me and my training history before I post my question. I’m 32, have been training for 15 years (clean), weigh 215lbs @ 6’1". BF about 15%.

I’ve made some excellent gains over the years by training hard, eating well, resting well and keeping my eyes and ears open in and out of the gym.

I have over the last 3 years considered taking a course of steroids.

My main concern (as it is with a lot of other newbies) is the problem associated with injecting. I am confident at this point in my training, given the years of experience behind me that I want to proceed with using a nice mild ‘safe’ steroid to enable me to punch through a training lull, however I am just not confident enough to inject myself.

Anyway the question is this, finally:

I am looking to use the much talked about Turanabol. I am thinking of a possible 6-8 week course consisting of the following:

Weeks 1 - 8 - Turanabol (40-50mg /day)
weeks 1 - 8 - Nolvadex (10mg /eod)
Weeks 1 - 8 - Liv52
Weeks 9 - 11 - Chlomid (100mg /day)

On top of this of course will be consistent hard training, good nutrition and plenty of rest.

Whilst I am aware that there may not be a requirement for me to use an anti-e as it’s always better to be safer rather than sorry.

From anyones experience, will this cycle produce ‘good results’ and does anyone think it would be an absolute waste of time?

What would be the recommended dosage given Turanabol has a short half life.

Any feedback on anyone who has done a cycle of t-bol only would be greatly appreciated too.


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Thanks for the reply Bushy, I really appreciate your advice.

Just a question.

I still have a new tub of MAG-10 left. Would there be any benefit in stacking this with the Turanabol for the first 2 weeks?

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yeah true, although I made some great gains on my last cycle of MAG-10.

Cheers Bushy.

i think you need to do a lot more research. there are many logs on the web of oral tbol use. imho you should run test with it as well. you say you are not comfortable with injecting, well i think you should reconsider. many will say if you are not ready for injecting you shouldn’t use steroids.

another point is that you said you trained clean for 15years and then you mention your MAG-10 use. MAG-10 is not training clean. its use durin cycle would likely be a mistake as well, with the added liver stress.

nolvadex wk1-8 is a mistake.
i also disagree with liver supps thorugh use, as they will make the liver more efficient hence removing the drug more effectivelly. wk9 should begin with nolvadex and maybe clomid.

any of the vets wanna tackle the comment on running liver protection making the drug less potent??? Would the same theory hold true with cranberry and milk thistle supplements?? I really dont see how using a liver protectant would lessen the effectiveness of a drug… thanks


Thanks for the advice and I will certainly continue with the research.

here’s some of my old posts and research from other boards on this

Oral Turanabol
well i’ve been searching around and have found some decent anecdotal evidence.
good dosage seems to be around 40-60mg ed. good brands seem to be BD and ug powder.
half life is around 6.9-7.2hrs from what i read. also detection time is shortlived as well. don’t know how long but since the E Germ women used them in the olympics i am sure they are short.

newb guys who are doing Ot only are retaining retaining 8-15lbs off 4-6wk cycles. seems like really good stuff, and maybe something to keep an eye on.

minimal sides seen except a few headaches, and upset stomachs.

gains are minimal at first, maybe 1-2lbs a week and then wk3-4 it hits and strength and size seem to increase at a bigger rate.
no gyno issues as well, as its action is similar to var.

i wonder how tbol@40mg ed stacked with dbol@10-15mg ed? run for 6wks.

you may get a slight water retention which will help you move more weight immediatelly and then the tbol will kick in later around 3.5wks.i have also talked to atleast a couple of vets and they have run it as an oral only as well to experiment and have retained 8-9lbs off 4-6wk cycles.

it has liomited shutdown like var as well.

YOU will NOT get strength gains or very minimal the anabolic ratio is 100/ vs the androgenic ratio is 6 or so. stack with something.

That’s some good feedback thanks.

I’ve PM’d a few people who have done a 6-8 week t-bol cycle (around 40-60mg/day) and their feedback is very encouraging.

Most of my sources have confirmed a solid 8lb gain on a 6 week cycle with no increase in body fat.

It’s been described as a cross between d-bol and Anavar, taking the best of both? We’ll see…

Any problems with acne or hair loss on OT?

no reports of hair loss or acne.
but like any aas they are always possible,

you need to research a lot more about aas.

as for the question on hair loss or acne, why are such things caused?

highly androgenic drugs give certain sides: among them prostate enlargement, hairloss, acne

highly anabolic drugs give other sides:
estrogen sides, …

what profile does tbol fall more into? it’s anabolic rating is very high and androgenic very low, meaning most sides would likely be estrogen related. hairloss and acne are possible but unlikely.