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Turanabol Only Cycle - Testing It


Hi all..

reading the last post about T-Bol i grow.. curious. :slightly_smiling:

i have read the various link and other post here on T-Nation.

so i think a cycle can be:
5w 50mgED
1w stop
2w PCT

but what can be expected from this kind of drug?
it works mainly on strenght gain, but it can be "misured"? i mean, a little improve, medium, big?
and what about LBM? +5lbs in 5weeks?

thanks to all :slightly_smiling:


Try reading the Steroid Newbie Thread. Because you obviously know little to nothing about AAS use. First off, a 5 week cycle is nothing, you might gain a little, but certainly not enough to justify the cost for such a drug. Secondly, why the hell would you take 1 week off before starting PCT?

It isn't an ester that stays active for a week, its an oral 17aa steroid that has a half-life of about 5-7 hours. That means, 5-7 hours after your last dosage you should begin pct. And IMO, a T-bol only cycle is a waste of time. Why wouldn't you want to run a 10-12 week test cycle?


maybe he doesnt want to deal with the side effects of a 10-12 week cycle of test?? A test only cycle for three months isnt the golden cycle that is good for everyone.


I agree about the 1 week off before PCT, that is a mistake. However, the half-life of Tbol is 16 hours I believe not 5-7. In any case, PCT should be started the day after your last dose.

As for the results, I think he will get good results as long as he knows what to expect. Will he become huge? No, but he should put on some muscle and add strength.


Tbols half life is 17 hours, you could gain about 12 lbs in 5 weeks if your diet is right. A tbol only cycle is only a waste of time if he wants more gains than this. Why take test for 12 weeks to gain 20+ lbs and a nice does of acne to go with it if he's only after 10 or so lbs ??


as other point out i'm not looking for a cycle to become huge.

i'm mainly after strenght, and i just wondering about how much lean mass i can get with that kind of deug.

however i think that 10lbs is quite a lot also. Is Tbol so powerfull?


The weight gain is going to depend a lot on your diet.


ok. it is always depending on diet, with or without AAS...

qhat i mean is that reading TBOL profile i thought that it isn't a so powerfull drug (for mass building).

i'm talking of "good" lean mass.... and 10lbs are a lot i think...


What would be wrong with 20mg/day for 7 weeks, then evaluate? If this produces no results, try (after a couple months off) 40 mg/day, same time frame. If you get good results at 20, you save a whole lot of folding green.

I know that 20 is a low dose but is it so low that you'd get NO results whatever? I wouldn't mind putting on 6 or 7 lbs of lean-and-clean three times per year.


i dont know :slightly_smiling:
but for example the possibility tha 20mg is too low.

reading about TBOL the most common cycle is based on 50mg. a lesser dose is used when TBOL is not the only product.

however i understand what you mean.

i dont know. but from what i have read it seem tha 20 is too low.


Yes, it is always dependent upon the diet. It definitely isn't a powerful mass builder, but I don't think most people consider putting on 10lbs as "powerful mass." I would say you will gain 5lbs just from the tbol assuming your diet remains the same, maybe a little more.


keep your caloric intake high if you want mass.
also consider 1.5gm-2plusgm/per lbs of protein a day.


Any update on the results?