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Turanabol + Anavar - Help!

Greets to all members, I’ve just signed in.
I’m 23 year old guy from EU.
I’ve recently decided to start with the steroids cuz I’ve been lifting since 19 and the results aren’t satisfying enough :). Height 1,89cm - weight 95 kg.

This is the oral steroid cycle i want to take… the cycle that was suggested to me…

(Week1) - Turanabol = 30mgs / Anavar = 20mgs
(Week2) - Turanabol = 40mgs / Anavar = 30mgs
(Week3) - Turanabol = 40mgs / Anavar = 30mgs
(Week4) - Turanabol = 40mgs / Anavar = 30mgs
(Week5) - Turanabol = 40mgs / Anavar = 30mgs
(Week6) - Turanabol = 30mgs / Anavar = 30mgs

PCT - Nolvadex 40/30/20/20 daily

I need your opinion about this cycle, cuz I’m not (ATT ALL) familiar with it. :slight_smile:

Tnx in advance


For our American friends: his height is 6’2" and his weight is 210lbs. I’d say that’s not an ideal base, but you haven’t mentioned bodyfat. What exactly do you hope to gain from this mild oral cycle? And if you’re “not familiar” with the compounds and ideas behind cycle proposals, then please don’t proceed until you are.

Thank you for replying Rational Gaze.

I apologize for not mentioning the height & weight in ‘inches’ and ‘lbs’.
My goal is to gain solid mass, I am not that concerned for getting ripped-definition wise, as for gaining solid mass. The guy in the GYM that gave me this cycle told me that this is typical cycle for size and strength, just the thing I’m looking for, so I’ve decided to ask YOU guys for an advice. If you have any other different cycle for beginners let me know, I appreciate it.

The stickies outline a beginners cycle for mass that most people here would recommend. I wouldn’t do an oral cycle unless you have some very good reasons not to use injectables. You will get better results with Test than you will with mild orals, for one thing.


Thank you for the info, RG.