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I hate tuna (and all other seafood for that matter), but I know the benefits of it. Does anyone know of any recipes that I might be able to try that would keep it low carb and low fat while masking the flavor just enough for me to be able to eat it? Thanks.


Low carb AND low fat? That's a tough order. I guess I might try mixing it with a strong dijon mustard.

I have a recipe with tuna and pasta that masks it pretty well that you could probably find if you used the search engine.


I eat it like this and it is easy to fix and carry around:

1 6oz can of tuna
1 13.5 oz can of Diced Tomatoes (zesty spiced for chili)
1/4 - 1/2 cup - sharp cheddar cheese (shredded).

Works for me and you can increase or decrease the amounts as you see fit. Plus tomatoes are really cheap


One of the best things I've found to add basically 0 calories are one of two things:

  1. Hot Sauce (Frank's) 0 Calories
  2. Lemon Juice (from the bottle)

The lemon juice idea came from the seal packets you can get with lemon flavoring. I suggest trying both as they mask the flavor and allowed me to get used to the taste of the tuna. Eventually, you'll be able to switch to no flavoring.


One thing that I will do with tuna or any other canned meat for that matter, is mix it up with some BBQ sauce and lots of hot sauce. Really hides the flavor....untill you blech but by then its already in your gut


Truth is, if you don't like it, don't eat it. There are other low fat proteins. Eggs, chicken, turkey, shrimp...

A reason for eating Salmon or Tuna, other than protein intake, would be for the high EFA's, but if you aren't eating a fattier cut, you aren't getting these essential nutrients anyway.

For a Tuna recipe, try marinating the fresh tuna in soy sauce and wasabi and either pan sear or grill it. Serve over a bed of greens. Careful not to over cook it, it should be pink in the center a bit.


Eat it really fresh and really rare (or raw). Canned tuna isn't even good enough for a house cat.


I bought a huge bottle of lemon juice and just pour it right into the can. I then eat it over the sink. The whole process is painless and takes about 3 minutes.


Tuna goes great into tomato sauce (for pasta), which I think would totally mask the taste. Since you don't even want whole grain, I suppose, you could go pasta optional.

Otherwise, you could just eat lean chicken or ostrich. Or grass-fed beef, if its the EFAs you're really wanting.


Please explain why canned tuna isn't good. I practically live on canned tuna while I'm at work.


As was mentioned earlier, tuna is lean; unless you're eating it fresh and getting a fattier cut, you will be getting very little fat and very little EFAs. Salmon, on the other hand, very high.

I think people get hung up on tuna because its a stereotypical bodybuilding food, but it basically amounts to :

1)inexpensive protein
2)convenient protein

Its not nutritionally magical or anything. If you're stressing about what to do with it, drop the shit, take some Omega-3 pills or eat some salmon and bring on the tastier animals like COW and CHICKEN and TURKEY and KITTENS.

Well, not so much the kittens.


I think he meant good tasting. And I hae to agree but that is one my main staples for protein because I'm just a poor college student.

Try mixing the tuna with some mstard.


Yeah. The pussy takes like tuna.


I'm still waiting to hear the definitive answer to the question: "How much tuna can I safely eat every week?"

I think I'll be waiting for a long time...


If your asking how many cans are safe to eat before you run into mercury issues, there may not be one answer that is right for everyone.

Chunk light (if I'm remembering correctly) has a bit less and that is what I use. And just eat...however many cans/week you wish for a period of time e.g. month or two and get a blood (not urine) test. Based on that you'll know for sure what works or doesn't in your body.


this recipie rocks.

1 can tuna, i prefer chunk light or try solid white tuna, less fishy taste.

3 tablespoons of olive oil
spices, try adding as much as u want of salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, basil and whatever other spices you find good, i add about 1/2 tsp of each usually except for salt.

2 tablespoons of italian dressing

mix all together, and you can eat on toast or just like that, i actually think it tastes pretty good. if you like it to be a creamy tuna salad put less olive oil and italian dressing, and add some low fat mayo. i prefer it without mayo.. italian dressing and olive oil and spices are amazing, it really makes tuna taste good. I might go a bit heavier on olive oil and dressing, i dont measure it, but i makes it wet but not soaked. be sure to mix it well and always, ALWAYS make sure you empty all the water from the tin of tuna before you start, tuna should be really dry. honestly give it a try with white solid tuna and im sure you might actually like it. Let me know!


Sounds like solid advice, but a blood test is a bit pricey for me at the moment.


May I ask, what benefits are you referring to?