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Since mayo is a no-no, what do you all generally put in your tuna in place of the mayo.
And, Starkist packed in spring water seems to be more water than tuna lately. Kind of a tuna soup. Any of you notice that? What brands are more tuna and less water?

CloverLeaf is good.
I’ve heard that salsa is good mixed with tuna. Mustard too.
But since I’m picky…I usually allow myself a MINIMAL amount of light mayo just to barely mesh it together.

Albacore, not chunk lite, is the shit. slightly more expensive, but in four packs or the generic brands. If you buy chunklite in oil it tends to be bulkier and tastier, just drain as much oil as you can. Ranch is the bomb shit with tuna, there are some lower fat w/relatively few carb varieties out there. Add some olive oil, oregano, and pepper, then the shits bombproof.

I’ve recently started mixing my cottage cheese with the tuna.

I still use mayo, but about 1/2 as much as I used to. To make up for the dryness I add just a squirt of mustard. If you can stand the taste, they do make low fat and fat free (less carbs than regular too) mayo. I use the StarKist in sunflower oil, and the sweet and spicy foil packs. I will use nothing else.

I use Flax and Udo’s

If you can, get albacore tuna or tuna in the pouch. They are more expensive, but taste a lot better. Instead of mayo you could use light or Fat-free miracle whip.

Spicy Mustard! Tastes great w. it

I do still use mayo…Hellman’s makes a Just2Good mayo which is pretty good, about 25 calories a T. Lemon juice is good, with pepper…so is salsa…lately I’ve been putting balsamic vinegar on my albacore. Yummy: )

As for types of tuna, I like Bumble Bee Albacore SOLID white. In the larger (12 oz) cans you get nice big pieces of solid tuna as opposed to the 6 oz cans which sometimes appear sort of shredded. I guess that’s why 1 12 oz can costs more than twice as much as 2 6 oz cans–the quality is better but for my several tuna meals a week, worth it to me.

I noticed that some replies mention using oil-packed tuna. Just FYI, I read somewhere (yeah, I know . . .I hate not having the source, too.) that if you’re looking for the biggest dose of Omega 3’s then water packed is better. I’m guessing that the oil packed variety allows the fat soluble Omegas to leach into the packing oil. Water packing wouldn’t let that happen.

Of course, drinking the oil would solve that problem, but I’m not there yet.

Watch out for too much Balsamic if you’re paying attention to carbs, it’s got’m

Okay, here’s a link to one confirmation that water packed tuna has more omega 3’s than oil packed.

I’m sure there are more but see the Nutritional Analysis at the bottom of this page:


Note that the increase is almost 35%.

Try guacamole or avocado. Supershit.


Last one, really–

“When comparing canned tuna,
nutritionists often recommend
choosing water-packed over oilpacked.
One reason is calories ?
water-packed almost always has
fewer. Also, when draining oilpacked
tuna, the oil mixes with some
of the fish?s natural fat, causing you
to lose some of those omega-3 fatty
acids. Oil and water don?t mix, so
draining water-packed tuna doesn?t
have the same effect.”

Here’s the full text of the article (PDF) by Ohio State U. It’s not what I read orginally but sounds like it may have been the source.


Bumblebee Solid White Albacore in water. Eight 6oz cans for less than $8 at Sam’s Club. Big solid hunks of meat, not “tuna soup”. A little squirt of spicy mustard and a few drops of hot sauce. Mmmmmm.

Lemon Juice!

If I ever eat another can of tuna again I will probably throw up. I can’t do it anymore.

I usually mix in 1 tbs of ff mayo and one tsp of dill relish seems pretty good and if I want a P + f meal I throw in olive oil…are there any health risk with eating a lot of canned tuna, I thought I heard something about that once but can’t remember…anyone?..

Splash of soy/teriyaki.

Albacore is the bomb.

Dan “Iron Chef” McVicker

Balsamic and capers is pretty tasty.

Though I’m starting to be pretty sick of tuna myself.