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This one goes out to all those Medical & Nutrition experts out there. As I am presently on a Ketogenic diet, I count on tuna for an inexpensive yet effective source of protein. I was discussing my diet with a friend the other day when he shocked me with a story of his own. He told me of a relative of his that currently has Mercury poisening in his blood due to eating tuna every day for a prolonged period of time. It seams there is a lot of mercury in tuna. Apparently, it is quite serious. He needs to get a blood transfusion and there is a build up of mercury in his brain. I eat at least 1 if not 2 cans of tuna every day. I am wondering what are the chances that I will also get mercury poisening. Is he the “1 in a million” guy who has these side affects, or is it more common that I would like it to be? A little help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for any advice.

This is something quite serious. I’ve cut down to 4 cans a week and eventualy will stop eating it.

Read this:

www.mercola.com/2001/apr/25/ mercury_fish.htm

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this isn’t such a big problem nowadays because they use younger fish, rather than the big old- timers which have been trolling the oceans for years gradually ingesting mercury, which builds up in their system. I don’t know how much is too much I’m afraid but I’ve eaten 2 240g cans a day for a few years now. signs of mercury poisoning: irrational timidness and outright insanity.