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Tuna Without Mayo. Other Ideas?


Hey, I usually mix my chunklite tuna with mayo, but since I'm scaling back fats I'm trying to cut out the mayo....any other ideas of what I can mix it with? Also, I don't like albacore, so switching to that is not an option, and low-fat mayo leaves what feels like a chemical burn on my tongue.


Ever try the olive oil mayo? I don't each much mayo, but it tastes normal to me and its like 45 cal a tbs instead of 90.

If I can't have mayo with my tuna, I usually just try to choke it down dry, but I generally don't eat tuna unless I'm really in a bind.


I would suggest an avocado but I dont know if that will work for you?

Mixing a large avocado and some tuna up is awesome. Tastes so good.

I would just suck it up and choke down lol. Throw some lemon juice on it and have at it


I use just a little mayo and lots of Franks Red Hot.


I do mustard and tuna sometimes.




The best tuna I've ever had, was made with Italian tuna, chopped tomato, chopped celery and balsamic vinegar. Italian tuna is typically a dark tuna and packed in olive oil. You can try substituting a dark tuna packed in water if you're worried about the fat. Not sure how much that would affect the taste.


Is an example.


Salsa and if you want some extra spice shriracha (not sure on the spelling). Just mix it up and eat it just like that. Really cuts down on the additional calories.


I JUST put a can down with nothing mixed in. I get the "solid light tuna in olive oil".


If I wanted to get fancy, I'd put in all of the stuff I'd put in normal tuna salad, without the mayo.

Onion Celery Egg (or egg white?) Tomato Apple Pepper and maybe a dash of Mustard.


"Tuna is a beverage."


Mix olive oil, season salt, franks redhot, diced onions and vinegar its pretty tasty.


I like to mix in mustard and/or lots of ground pepper.


franks red hot and celery


Olive oil and avocado are both fat sources...

Are you guys/the OP being anti-mayo, or really looking for something that's low-fat?

Mayo is mostly egg, vinegar,and an oil (canola, olive: depends on where you shop and what you like)... so suggesting pure oil... calorie for calorie, is going to give you more fat than mayo, which would be a blend of fat and protein...

Unless you're buying something with some really nasty veg. oil in it... I say stick with it and just use less...


Tuna + Cottage Cheese + Diced Pickle/Celery or both + taco seasoning/whatever spice you like (also, franks is good on anything).

Not sure if you are adverse to the taste of cottage cheese, but I swear you can't taste it - plus it's bonus protein.


I like to mix mine with yoghurt. (Plain or greek.....)


I meant more for fat cutting purposes. I like a lot of these suggestions though. Obviously since I'm scaling back fat I can't do the avocado right now, but will look into that. I do like it spicy so a lot of these suggestions were great


I love mustard and Tuna...Get some honey dijon


Another vote for olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You can put a little less olive oil if you're trying to keep calories down.