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Tuna...what to do with it


I am getting tired of eating the same old canned tuna every day and was wondering what everyone else does to prepare it? I could use some more variety.
I usually do:
-Tuna+low fat mayo (if i have lemon juice i add a little of that as well)
-Tuna+hot sauce
-Tuna+ BBQ sauce (or a mix of hot sauce and bbq sauce)


wow you just gave me some other good ideas for tuna. I would have never thought of hot sauce and tuna. Cause i just mix it in a bowl with mayo


Try the Tuna in the pouch with Sunflower Oil. It tastes pretty good by itself. Thats the only tuna I eat. No drain required.


Tuna + Clorox

That is about the only thing that will make tuna not smell like its been riding a pole at a strip club in tijuana for 40 hours straight.


I once tried to make a tuna omelette... and I don't recommend it. Crash and burn baby, crash and burn.


rice vinegar plus some chopped up onion and or celery.


I make texmex tuna pancakes.
Take a can o' tuna, 2 eggs and mix.
Add your favorite mexican seasoning. Drop the mixture in a pan and fry.
Flip and top with cheeses.

I usually make two these in the morning and pile them on top of each other in a tupperware container. I place them in the frig and cut them in to three servings and take a serving to class or work.


can of tuna, mixed greens, carrots, a couple of hard boiled eggs, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil


I just eat it straight out of the can with a little bit of mustard. Yum!

I've done the tuna-scrambled eggs. It wasn't all that bad.

My bed-time P+F meal is two cans of tuna and a couple scoops of natural PB.


I've always been repulsed by mayo. I usually eat mine w/ f.f. sour cream and some hot sauce.


I enjoy tuna and salsa as well as tuna with yams and mustard. You have to heat up the yams then mix them all together.

The pop top tuna cans that are 90-100 calories (depending on the brand) and 20g of protein are the best.


I ussually have my tuna with a high fat Mayo to increase my P+F meals. I have mine as the last meal of the day with Mayo and Salsa to kick it up a knotch. I have also tried onion and celery with Mayo as well as some mustard isn't bad.


straight outta da can


Pickles... tuna and chopped up pickles... I have no idea about the nutritional value of pickles... but they taste good with tuna.


i eat the 'tuna creations' that come in a pouch. sweet and sour is my favorite


I'm eating a tuna melt right now: 1 can of tuna, a little chopped onion, tomato, celery, 1 tsp pickle relish, 1 chopped hard boiled egg, pickled jalapeno slices, mixed w/ a little olive oil & balsamic vinegar with 4 slices of cheese on wheat bread. Bake at 300 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Yum!


Do a tunashake!
Put tuna and a cup of water in a mixer, mix 5 - 10 sec, add a can of V-8 juice. Not bad once you get used to it. If you want, add some pizza "herbs and spices" mix and maybe some parmesan cheese.
Voila, liquid pizza!!


Moose, that is some crazy sounding shake. I think I'll give it a shot.


rolling on the floor, puking


Tuna, diced up tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, a little mayo, and lime juice, eat it on crackers or something, usually only have time for this on the weekend, but it's worth the time.