Tuna- What Do You Mix It With?

I’m trying to add some lean protein.

It seems like anything you mix with tuna is awful for your health. Looking at the store today, I wrote down the ingredients of all the different options and researched them at home. The reviews couldn’t have come back more negative.

The ‘healthy’ mayonnaise with olive oil contains soybean oil. The organic ‘mayonnaise alternative’ was made out of canola oil. And the other option was safflower oil. All terrible for one’s health.

What do you mix your tuna with? I’m thinking the best option may be some salsa and an avacodo.

franks red hot

vinegar, adds a lot of flavor and some moisture. lately i’ve just been lazy and eating it plain out of the can

Go with the avocado.

I buy boneless, skinless, wild salmon from Costco. It is more expensive than tuna but to me it tastes much better. I have never mixed it with avocado but that actually sounds good to me. It would moisten it and would make a nice snack.

I usually just sprinkle a small amount of hot sauce and eat it straight out of the can.


[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
franks red hot [/quote]

I put that sh*t on everything.

Chopped onions, chopped celery, mustard (german, dijon, or yellow), garlic powder, and sometimes ketchup.

Cottage cheese and Sriracha

Spicy mustard/light mayo



I tried it with a little bit of salsa and half an avacoda- Loved it. I’ll try some of the others also.

whats wrong w/ some safflower oil? isnt that where CLA comes from?

also… the answer is mustard

they also sell tuna w/ olive oil and sundried tomatoes around here thats awesome (but pricey)

Anything from the below:

Worcester sauce
balsamic vinegar
real mayo
tomato puree
sun dried tomatoes
lemon juice

Get the Pastene dark tuna. Costs more but is good quality. Mix it finely diced tomatoes, celery and balsamic vinegar.

Old Bay or I buy the Tuna Creations that are already flavored. Sweet n Spicy, yum. tomoato pesto one is good too

Avocado and olive oil are my two favorites.

[quote]WestCoast7 wrote:
Chopped onions, chopped celery, mustard (german, dijon, or yellow), garlic powder, and sometimes ketchup.[/quote]

Thats about right sans the ketchup. Sometimes Ill throw some low-fat miracle whip at it instead.

I love miracle whip with tuna and some celery plus boiled eggs. So good!

So how bad’s real mayo then?

I mean sure its really dense in the calories, so not great for dieting down.

But the fats at least in decent real mayo come from eggs and oil, so good ‘clean’ wholesome stuff?

Tuna, natural peanut butter or almond butter, oats. Blend and drink.

I mix with greek vanilla yogurt - pretty good - regular yogurt to thin.

Avocado, salt, and pepper FTW.