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Tuna Smell

Has anybody’s piss every smelled like tuna after youve eaten it? I dont mean putting your nose in it. It just smells like rotten ass fish when you piss. I get it every time. I think its funny, but i was just wondering.

Yes, I have experienced a different odor after consuming several cans of tuna a day. Thought maybe I was just imagining it…

no, but i remember as a kid having my piss smell like sugar smacks after breakfast. kevo

I’ve noticed this lately, as I’ve been eating more of those no drain packs of Albacore Tuna. When I piss afterward, it smells just like the tuna I ate! It’s just like when you eat asparagus! But hey, that one packet of tuna has more than 50 grams of protein, so it’s worth having some “fishy” smelling piss!

You should get that checked by a doctor. You might of “caught” something other then fish when you cast your “line” :wink:

yes. rotten.

I’ve eaten up to 10 cans a tuna a week and never had that problem. The one food I do have a problem with is asparagus. Which is why i don’t eat it.

Yeah, I hear that! Tuna sucks ass, but it’s necessary. Nothing beats the ALA piss though. What sucks more than anything- once in a while I get one of these cans with bad tuna or something. I mean, it dosen’t taste bad, just different. But, 20 minutes later, I get crazy heartburn and I’m burping it and can’t get the taste out. Thats even after I douse it with some Trappey’s hot sauce.

Hells yes! I wonder what compound it is specifically that makes pee smell like tuna. It’s the weirdest thing.

Never Tuna…but Grape Cell Tech… yep!

Does it HURT when you piss, Goldberg? :slight_smile:

Hey, me too! I’ve always wondered what causes that. I wouldn’t say it smells “rotten”, but just like tuna. For me it seems to have nothing to do with actually eating tuna, since I monitored that once to see. In fact, I haven’t noticed a pattern to it at all. Sometimes it’s a couple times a day, sometimes there are weeks between occurences. I suspect it has something to do with ketogenic diets, or vitamin supplements. If anybody knows, I’d like to find out too.

Hey Goldberg, tell her to wash it before you eat it next time. Damn, bro, you earned a colored set of Hells Angels wings, just haven’t figured out which color yet. Let’s see…Red is for eating her while she is on her period…sooooo…hmmmmm…I’ll have to give that some thought…LOL…just funnin’ ya bro. The only thing I have ever heard of was asparagus. I stay the hell away from it, since my girlfriend loves the taste of my cum and I heard it causes your piss to smell and you cum to be funky.

Indeed, I’ve been experiencing that phenomenon for some time now.

I think whatever you consume, the odor comes out in the piss. When I drink a hoppy beer, my piss smells like hops. My first piss in the morning after breakfast smells like coffee. I remember when I was taking some bilberry capsules. My piss looked like lemon-lime gatorade. So, no you are not imagining things.

That odour is AMMONIA and SULPHUR! Hope that helps…

Im glad im not crazy. I knew i smelled it. Some of the things yall said were gross as shit. EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Geez guys, try eating it with a fork instead of your trunk and your weiner won’t smell like Charlie.