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Tuna is tuna, right?

Here’s the thing, I have never tried “solid white” or Albacore tuna. I always eat the “Chunk Light” in water. Fellow gym rats are trying to tell me that the Albacore and solid white are not only better tasting but, better for you. I am afraid to try the others due to their extra expense, should I like them and not be able to go back to chunk light. What do you guys think?

Albacore tuna is more expensive and supposed to be better, but it tastes kinda nasty to me. I stick to Starkist in spring water. The more expensive brands are supposed to be dolphin free too, I think. As for me, well, I think dolphin makes tuna taste better and has a better amino acif profile. :slight_smile:

I predict your really going to hate the shit out of tuna before long. Otherwise they are all the same. White tuna I think tastes a little better, but I think the differences are minor if any.

Yeah, I’ve tried both myself and wondered the same thing. White tuna tastes a little better, in my opinion, but hell when you’re gunnin down 2 or 3 cans of this shit a day, I personally don’t care all that much. Anyway, just add some lemon juice if it bugs you that bad. As far as the protein content, the labels are nearly identical so I’d just stay with the one that costs less :wink:

As far as Albacore being better for you, I doubt it. However it is much better tasting, without as much “fishy” smell but twice as expensive. Take a very good look at your tuna label. Some brands have soy protein added such as Chicken Of The Sea. I’m assuming they are using more “tuna parts” than actual tuna meat and adding soy protein to make the nutritional profile equal per serving compared to other brands. StarKist is the only Tuna I’ll eat. No soy added.

I think they’re pretty much the same, I prefer chunk light though. Albacore is too dry to eat out of the can without a huge glass of water near by. Whatever brand you get I’d stick with Starkist, it’s be far the highest quality tuna I’ve tried (based on taste and amount of foriegn appearing things in the can.) Also, I really like the bags better than the cans, but it is a little more expensive.

I think white tuna tastes much better if you are going to eat it straight out of the can. I ate so much of the “regular” tuna that I just got sick of it.

And I have found so many bones in the normal chunk light tuna that I have decided to stop using it for a while.

But overall, I think the white Albacore tastes much better (less fishy).

Fuckin-A pal get the albacore–way better (tastewise anyway)and u won’t wanna go back.

Just look at the labels. Albacore has more protein and less fat. To me, it’s a little dry, but hey, I’m just eating it for the protein anyway. Fat-free mayo does wonders, too!

Tuna is tuna, I think, and like someone else already said, when we’re consuming several cans a day, cost becomes a big consideration. Here’s a tip to help keep tuna from getting to be an ugly proposition:

Drain and empty two cans (water packed) into a bowl. Crack one whole egg into it, add a couple of tablespoons of oat bran, sprinkle some curry powder, mix with a spatula, drop into a pan sprayed with Pam, press into a big paddy, and cook until the egg is done. You’ll have to flip it once. Put in tuppeware, take to work or school with you cold, it’s great that way. I make a bit of brown rice and have that with the tuna, unless I’m on a severe low-carb diet phase.

This'll go a long ways towards allowing you to mentally eat tuna for long periods of time (believe me, you don't wanna know how long I've been eating tuna. Since long before people were worrying about dolphins, that's for sure).