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Tuna, is it dangerous?

Im forced to eat a shitload of tuna since Im a student living in the dorms. I heard you can get mercury posining from it. What the hell is that?

eating more than about 5 cans of tuna a day, according to my interpretation of a recent FDA study, will lead to problems. Tuna is a mixed blessing Stick with chunk light, it has the lowest mercury content. Regardless, you die from something anyway, so at least try and die big.

Are you the same smartass from the post about inner pecs? Hmmm, maybe before calling Restless a dumbass you should know that he, among others, has discussed this in previous posts. Maybe you should ask that “dumbass” to help you out and answer your question for you.

Here’s how you responded to another poster in another thread:

“Any moron knows that there is no such thing as an inner pec. And if you weren’t f***** stupid you would know that Dasada was probally asking for a few tips to try and fill out his pecs. So for all you “pros” out there who think they know s*** and are more than likely weak as hell, learn some info. before you respond. Hey nat the hat how can you say taht restless knows more about lifting than most people on the site. He makes a dumb a** comment like that and you believe him. Man your sad. So are the rest of you losers who can’t read or understand simple, simple questions.”

Now, you want advice about something? Doesn’t work that way on this board. Use the search engine, loser. “Your” sad, too.

Excellent response.