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Tuna: how many servings?

Ok, I know that tuna is perfect for BBers, and i eat a can about 5 times a week. However my dad is a scientist and says that tuna contains mercury, and discourages eating it every day (he says about 3-4 times a week.) Is this true, and if so how many cans per week would be a good number? thanks

If tuna contains mercury why does your dad say it is alright to eat it 3-4 times a week.

What’s the big difference between 5 times or 4 times a week? Anyway, I’ve read that some fish have way more mercury than others such as I remember swordfish and barracuda were really bad. I cann’t remember where I read it (might have been a health news letter I get) but all the fish reported as really high mercury were fish I don’t normally eat. Tuna was way down on the list. The fish that were bad, I believe, were typically fish that live longer than the typical commercially caught tuna. Apparently, the longer a fish lives before being caught, the higher the mercury and commercially caught tuna have a realitively short life span. I eat tuna 5 days a week and don’t believe that will cause a problem from what I’ve read.

Yeah it does from what I heard. Obviously the longer a fish lives the longer it has to accumulate mercury in it’s system which it will have fun passing on to you cause you ate it you bastard. Heheheh. I eat like 3 to 5 cans a week myself. As for only eating a certain amount this has to do with how much a human body can tolerate over a given period of time as it stores it in all strange places. I know lead gets stored in your brain. I think that’s right anyway. So the difference from 4 to 5 cans is 52 cans over a year. Which would be 20% more mercury. If all the fish had the same amount of mercury. :slight_smile:

Good point about the 52 extra cans a year. Its easy to look at things in the short term and not the long term so thanks for pointing out the difference between 4 to 5 cans a week can be significant over the course of a year. I’m “hooked” on 5 cans a week though.

If eating tuna everyday is bad for you I am screwed. I’ve eaten one can per day for 3 years. Oh well, gotta grow.

I have one general comment to say about this issue “Who the fuck cares!” You guys are busting your ass to look as good as you do. So…you either die looking good and eating foods like tuna, or go back to Mcdonalds and grow some love handles. We all gatta go some day, you decide how you want to look. Laterz…

I’ve eaten 2 cans of tuna a day for the past year and a half with no problems. Is that excessive?

Uh-oh!! I eat 3-4 6 oz. cans of chunk light every day, guess my days are numbered. But I’ll look damn good in my coffin… We’re all gonna die of something, no worries…

Depends on the species of tune that you are eating. The larger species tend to accumulate more toxins b/c they are higher in their food chain. Many of the smaller species are not a hazard. From what I have read there doen not seem to be a problem with the canned tuna that most people eat.

No prob Heb. I always eat yellow fin cause the other types taste like shit. What’s the sizes of the different fishies? :slight_smile:

Tuna does contain a significant enough amount of mercury to pose problems for some people although it would probably take someone with some sortve compromised system or metabolism (which athletes and bodybuilders are usually not even close to having )to begin to notice the effects of mercury accumulation. Dr. Mercola over at mercola.com utilizes some hair analysis in his practice and says he can quite accurately determine how much and how often one consumes fish, including tuna, by the amount of mercury contained in their hair samples. It probably is something to keep an open mind about.