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Tuna, All You Can Eat


Guys, now tell em if this sounds like a crazy idea but for us that dont have the money to buy expensive protein shakes would tuna be a good alternative??

Yup, it probably does sound kinda wierd but hear me out :slightly_smiling: I know tuna has less protein, but it has 0 carbs and is low in fat etc! Im sure this has ben discussed before but eating nothing but tuna might be a great alternative way of making the relatively expensive Velocity Diet cheaper and easier [no shakes to prepare - just pop out a tin of tuna chunks and dinner is served!].

I think ill try this for three weeks to see how it goes. I'll take some fibre supplements, and cut down to one fish oil cap a day because of all the fish i'll be eating. Im currently 191lbs, 23% bf. I will be going to the gym or working out at home 5/6 days a week with some moderate cardio twice a week.

Does anyone have any views on this? I'd love to hear any concerns or ammendments before i start. Cheers. Cj


I think tuna is a good source of creatine too.


You should take the mercury issue into consideration, though:



Yeh thats true, and because of this i will keep up the lifting and cardio so i can benifit even more from the increased energy creatine will supply to my muslce fibres :slightly_smiling:


Lol, wel im young and over-confident, and this being the case am not worried too much about the effects of mercury. But on a more serious side how at risk would i be if i ate 2 cans per day for 3 weeks? And is there any way to combat the mercury getting access to the brain? Cheers

News: after reading that article more thoroughly it says that an adult that eats 2.2lbs of tuna a week has nothing to worry about [in more words]. Now am i fine or would the mercury build up or be washed out of my system?

News2: http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product.asp?xs=E1AF14DD94D546EA8E2570E64292B941&PID=12&np=1&cpid=102
I read that NAC would stop mercury adhearing to methyl and geting into the brain. Seems pricey for a 30 tabs but if it stops me going mad . . . :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you afford to buy Omega 3 supplements? If not, you should go for salmon.


Yer i take 2 fish oil caplets every day which contain omega 3. Would salmon be more suitable for this type of diet?



You can buy cans of wild Alaskan salmon. It has plenty Omega-3s. There's also little to no risk of mercury from most Alaskan fisheries.

Sardines could be another option. They are also rich in Omega-3, and farther down on the food chain than either tuna or even salmon. Lower on the food chain = shorter lifespan and less concentration of mercury due to predation.

You can even try all three for your diet.


I'm not sure about the protein properties of tuna. By this, I mean that tuna might be digested and absorbed too quickly.

If you are doing a severe diet, you want to keep protein entering the bloodstream at all times so that the body is less likely to raid the muscles for protein.

The micellar casein in Metabolic Drive is a slow releasing protein while the whey components are much quicker. I believe this was discussed on the original velocity diet threads -- though it has been a long time since I read them.


Yeh, ill try a mix :slightly_smiling: just so long as my carbs say below say 10-20 for the entire diet i think i will loose weight extremely quickly as my body will have no quick energy sources and so will have to use up fat for energy.

And yes that concerned me to, and i was thinking of getting a cheap protein shake to have as every other meal, so i would be cutting down the fish to 3 meals a day with 2 shakes and a salad [possiby with a shake] for dinner.

It's all coming together - we could have a new V-diet on our hands guys :stuck_out_tongue:



Why the need to lose weight so quickly? It's gonna be hard to make gains on 10-20 grams of carbs a day . . . I think a better long term life strategy would be to work on building muscle so as to build up your metabolism.

If there's a good reason to drop really fast, go for it, but otherwise, it's not a bad idea to just take it slow and steady while working hard on your lifting. You can lose 1-2 lbs a week of fat while still making some gains in the weight room if you plan it well.


Well buoy, i am currently following the anabolic diet and am not seeing great results after 2 weeks [lost 2 lbs]. Might be my body type or maybe my body hasn't exited the carb-fuelled stage yet.

I decided to do the V-diet but thought buying enough protein shakes to loose 20 lbs of fat was far too expensive and i had to think up an alterior method to lean out. Because i am on the anabolic diet [t-dawg 2.0 etc] i am frequently eating tuna and other meats, and noticed that fish, especially tuna, contains high protein and absolutely no carbs!

Some other meats contain a few carbs or trace amounts, but i thought that what thev-diet was trying to acheive was 0 carbs and high protein to keep LBM. Since tuna contained no carbs and moderate protein i thought this could be a cheap [almost superior (- does not contain as much protein)] alternative.

There is no real reason to cut really fast, it is just those of us that want to are either impatiant or experimenting. I, unfortunately, am in the middle so this maybe a disasterous experiment and i may not loose weight fast but i can certainly see why i should, in comparison with velocity!

Hope this answers your questions :slightly_smiling:

And for anyone interested i have had 170g of protein and 12g of carbs today on the anabolic diet! Quite close to what i will be doing in my experiment =)



Hey MODOK, that's great! Could you give me any stats? Also what exercises were you doing on the diet? And one last one - with all your years of building experience can you suggest any corrections i could make to the diet before i try it? Cheers



Eating tuna alot isn't an alternative to the V Diet. The V diet worked so well because all your meals are in liquid form. Your not going to get the same thing with tuna,its still a solid food!


You stuck with this diet for 2 whole weeks and already you know that it's not working fast enough you?


But i presume the fact that it was in liquid form only made the protein easier and quicker to ingest. Please correct me if im wrong. I am also going to have one or two protein shakes with my tuna to promote muscle retention :slight_smile:



Well it says that you should expereince some fat loss in the first week, and then as your body changes from carb burning to fat burning BY the end of the 1st week, you will inevitabley burn more fat and loose more weight than i have [2lbs without putting on any muscle!

Anyway the idea hit me so to speak :stuck_out_tongue: and i thought i might be worth a try. Cj


I'm usually able to find frozen tilapia pretty cheap at meijer's (like 1.99 for a bag of five fillets. all the upside of lean fish, very low levels of mercury on average.


Tuna shakes are great. Before T-Nation came on the scene, the Usenet group misc/fitness/weights was the popular place for people to discuss weightlifting, bodybuilding and nutrition, and the tuna shake developed quite a following there. You can search the archives for recipies using groups.google.com.

In fact, I just posted a version of it last night, although this particular one wouldn't be suitable for the Velocity Diet:

Both canned tuna and canned salmon work very well in shakes.


Zarathus, ive never had tilapia before, what isit like [in relation to cod, tuna, or even crab :p] that sound really good and it would be much fresher, less mercury etc.

No idea where i would get that in the UK though, haven't seen it in the supermarkets here :s i'll keep an eye out for it on monday when i go shopping :slightly_smiling: cheers for the suggestion though.

I think as im going through the diet ill post on here how im doing etc and we'll see how it goes, you never know i might be doing really well by the end of it. Another plus i just thought of as i was drinking a shake was how i would miss chewing if i did do the V-diet. This would be solved also. I can't wait to try it now C.j