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Tums= Basic pH?


I've been reading Berardi's suggestions about increasing consumption of alkaline foods to balance the acidity of protien, and I was wondering if Tums (calcium) would be useful in this respect--it balances out the acids in the stomach--that's what made me think of it.


Yup, you're onto something, floobado. (grin)

Tums has calcium carbonate in it. Just make sure you don't take it on an empty stomach, though, as it can cause rebound gastric acidity.

You do know, though, that increasing your green veggies and fruit intake have far more health benefits than popping Tums, right? And that's really why JB made the recommendation. Above and beyond promoting acid-alkaline balance, fruit and veggies have vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients. The list of benefits (not all of which we fully realize) are endless!

However, along the same lines, any of the negatively charged minerals are going to help with acid-alkaline balance. Magnesium is similar to calcium in that regard, so do take your ZMA at night.