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Tuffest Mofos Alive!

[quote]WhiteLable412 wrote:
anyone else look at the other stuff on that site, they got some cool pics and vidoes[/quote]

Yeah your right. Watch this kid’s bike crash vid with sound on. I just keep watching this over and over and laughing my ass off.

This reminds me of the “Beat It” video…

Thanks, wuggy. That was hilarious! Now I know what it’s like to see a rated G streetfight.

At first, I thought it was staged, and I was waiting for those Batman TV show “ZAP!!”'s and “POW!!”'s to splash up on the screen, and then I realized it was just the most pathetic fight ever captured on film. This should win an award or something.

[quote]Sxio wrote:
wufwugy wrote:
there aint no way id step to one of deez ill muthufuckuhs. http://www.big-boys.com/articles/swedefight.html

Are you shitting me? I’d take any of those punks one on one, anytime, anywhere. Not one of them looked like they had any strength at all, though I did see 1 throwing semi decent knees.

They’re only tough when there’s 20+ of them. [/quote]

Dude, those guys are rugged…did you see the way they owned that street? If you saw that going on outside you wouldn’t even think about leaving your home.

hi, this is my first post here, and me like this place.

ontopic: damn, those guys made me be a shame of being half swedish… for a moment.

[quote]dagztwo3 wrote:
This reminds me of the “Beat It” video…[/quote]

You know what this reminds me of…The Big Lebowski. Remember the part when those German nilists try to fight them in the parking lot and they just leap around kicking?

[quote]stonesanctus wrote:
wufwugy wrote:
carpenter480 wrote:
ok id have to put money on most highschool football teams to take these guys out that was pathetic.

id put money on most junior high school girls volleyball teams…

that’s hilarious.
football player at my school got whooped by a varsity volleyball girl, funniest thing i’ve seen in a while[/quote]

HAHAHAHAHA… sounds like something that would happen at my school. Our football team blows.

Being all Swedish, I have begun digging a very big hole to bury myself in. Jeeeeesus

id pay good money to take on about 5 of em at once. i would say 10, but i wouldn’t feel like getting a bruise or something.

Who Says, White Men Can’t Fight !!!

A typical swedish college prep punk :slight_smile:

Anyway, since the word “Bajen” is on the site, its probably some teen division of Swedens most famous “supporter” group.Soccer and hockey.

They usually meet somewhere to fight eachother after the game, just for the fun of it. :wink:

[quote]wufwugy wrote:
oicu812many wrote:
I must be looking at the wrong thing. I saw a Mpg of what looked like a bunch of college prep punks throwing weak kicks and fighting like girls.

it’s called “swedes.”


That is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen and I feel gay just having watched it.