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tuff times

this quote is by Brent Mikesell the king of squats…I found it about a year ago…when i am tired, sick, or dont fell like training I read this quote and it gets me through the tuff times, really lights a fire under my ass…thought i would share…

Brent Mikesell King of squats…
“When the wife wants to go camping and leave on Thursday night, you say, “I?ll be up on Saturday night, you go for two nights without me, so I can get my last two workouts of the week in”. When your sick and your close to a meet and you have to workout, you gut through it or you find a way to survive. There are ways, but how far are you willing to go? When your boss asks you to stop bringing your protein and creatine to work, you must file a grievance or be prepared to defend yourself in order to take these supplements that are needed. When the wife says, you need to be home by 8 and you have exercises left that get you home by 9, you stay and finish the exercises. When you?re tired and should be in bed because you have a big day at work tomorrow but realize you forgot to take your glutamine, creatine and put all your wokout numbers in your workout log (and it?s midnight). You get all those things down and suffer at work the next day. Work is just work. Lifting is life! All of the above things have happened to me. They are things I deal with all the time. Decide what things you will sacrifice to be good and what things you won?t. Some things I regret, some I don?t. Either way, if you get out of powerlifting what you put into it.”

Maybe this is why he got named the “King of Squats”, then.

There is something elemental and basic about squats that appeals to me.

You put a lot of weight on your shoulders. Then you squat down.

I forgot the next step. What was it? Oh yeah.
Then you stand the FUCK up!

good quote.


This is why everyone who lifts weights to get stronger is not a powerlifter. It takes a special level of dedication not everyone is comitted to giving.

No actually Brian this is why everyone who lifts and powerlifts doesnt compete in the WPO.

i must be missing something in the reading. what do you guys mean by “that’s why…”?