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TUF: GSP vs Kos


well, after watching the first real episode of the season, i gotta say, i still think Kos is a d-bag. he thought he would get one over on GSP, and sure enough, he's an idiot. however, i gotta assume he's gonna be a half-way decent coach, with his expereince....

the guy from Jersey had a decent stand-up game, but he clearly had never worked with a southpaw before. he really seemed confused about striking with Bruce (Leroy). as far as him never tapping....what a dipshit.

Bruce got a good submission, but really wasn't that impressive standing, which is where he said he was best. still, i think he's a funny kid, but i can't imagine how irriatatin it would be to live with him.


Missed the first episode, but gonna watch it online now...who thinks Josh has a chance of beating GSP in their fight?


i don't think even Kos thinks he has a chance.


He has a chance, he respects GSP's wrestling more, which could make a difference.


I refuse to watch this season. TUF is supposed to be about fighters, not drama queens. There's maybe 2-3 real fighters on the show from what I've read.


Im not big on watching tuf-
but maybe seeing some of Jon Danahar might convince me to watch a little


Yeah...they gotta make the show interesting so they need the drama. A guy who works at this restaurant was on the TV show Top Chef...he was doing very well, was polite, kept to himself, got all the food cooked, prepared great...but the producers told him he's gotta go because sure he was a great cook, but he wasn't what they were looking for. They want the drama, the freakouts etc. makes for good ratings.

TUF is no different. Yeah Dana White says he wants everyone to be respectful blah blah blah....but how BORING would the show be if all fighters kept to themselves, were polite, made small talk, and were all spirtual n shit with their fighting...might as well just put the fights on with no show!




Seems like BS, Top Chef isn't really high and drama and intensity.


Yeah...Bruce Leroy seems like he'd get annoying after awhile, but for now he's funny. I just wanna see GSP fight KOS.


Not until you suffer through yet one more season of "The Ultimate (sophomoric) Fighter. The show where you are guaranteed to see:

1-personal property being destroyed by those with an IQ lower than their shoe size.

2-All kinds of fights, and almost fights at the house. (Who knows maybe someone will get their jaw broken and can't move on)

3-Dana White saying to someone this is your f---- chance of a lifetime and you're blowing it.

And then all of trivial interviews in between. "like when he messed with my stuff I just went off on him, no one messes with my stuff." It just never ends does it?

I'd say that only teens watch this mess but one of my sons is a teen and he thinks it's beneath him.

Once again I'll watch the final show of the season for the fight.


Kos: "if we win this, i'm gonna run over there and get in George's face and motorboat his ass!"

some people just shouldn't talk, i suppose.....


I can't watch this rampant douchebaggery. I'll tune in for the finale, when GSP puts his fist through the back of Kos's head.


Cool, keep that shit to yourself while the rest of discuss TUF 12.


Your an idiot...why the fuck would I make something like that up lol...yeah mmm I just decided to pull that out of my ass.




At least you admit it. Asspuller


blah blah blah...all you ever got is one liners.


I've watched every TUF and like em all and my IQ is 82, which has got to be up there near the top percentile. I wanna see Kos, or anyone, give GSP a beatdown. Reasons being, he's not American, his accent is gay, and he fights boring and safe.


Good fight. Both guys have loads of potential, especially Johnson. You can't teach that dynamism. Here's hoping, the rest of the fighters on the show have showings like these two.