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Tuf coaches 13


the ultimate fighter coaches have been named

Brock lesnar

Junior dos santos


tehy will fight in june.


It's an interesting matchup. Props to Brock for taking a challenging matchup, especially style wise.

The fight hinges on Brock getting the takedown, and avoiding as much damage as possible doing so. It's hard to call because we really haven't seen how JDS' TDD stands against a good wrestler. He got taken down by Gonzaga, but got up well though. All we know is, on the feet, Brock is getting crushed.

Good fight, can't wait.


I agree completely with this fight analysis.

With regards to them being coaches on the reality tv show: Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot...over.

Lesnar is supposedly a private person who hate the spotlight. I don't think Junior Dos Santos is fluent in English. Neither have any coaching or teaching experience that I am aware of. Bang up choices. Couldn't they book Ken Shamrock?

Personally I was hoping for Michael Bisbing and Chael Sonnen. I wouldn't even care if they fought. I would watch just for the mean spirited trash talking and to see if Sonnen's grasp on reality can get more tenuous before it lets go.


Ratings is more important than coaching ability, that is why they bringing real coaches. Maybe Brock will learn some stand up.

I am looking forward to it.

Sonnen Bisbing is a brilliant choice too.


Sonnen is suspended so that would not work and Bisping is fighting Jorge Rivera.