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TUF: Brock v. JDS


chicken salad out of chicken shit?

well, so far this looks to be a weird season....Brock and JDS seem to have a grudging amount of respect for each other, and are overly nice so far.

tonight's fight blew....Shamar did the 'old lay and pray....but sadly enough, the #1 pick barely beat the last pick of the other team.

i miss the "fight to get on the show" format.... i assume injuries changed that, or something.


I wouldn't say that he "barely" beat him. He won both rounds without much of a challenge. Also, I don't think that making Lesnar and Dos Santos coaches was a good idea, at least not for ratings. Lesnar and Mir would have been far more entertaining. As far as picks while I have limited information it just seems to me that Dos Santos made the better picks.

I'm going to watch up to the point where the drama over someone's missing sports drink becomes an episode. "Who took my F****** Gatorade? Whoever did it is gonna get their face messed up." Yeah, that's when I go CLICK.

You have all these young and supposedly tough guys gathered together one would think that the producers could get them to do far more interesting things than sit in a house and whine like a bunch of school girls. I liked it a lot better when they did various strength and sports challenges. But maybe that's just me. Either way I think they've taken the lazy way out with this show.


yeah, he controlled the top ground game, but didn't do any damage or attemp any subs...but i'll agree he won.

i DVR the show, so when i get annoyed with the drama, i just FF'd.

i get annoyed by the same things you do with the show, but every year, i glued to the TV wathcing it....yeah, i'm an idiot.


btw, i saw Borck's guys using "the Burn machine".....anyone here have any experience with that?


I was wondering what that thing was. I guess I live a sheltered life. It's called "the burn machine"?


yeah,i see it advertised in a lot of the MMA magazines...



I assume the episode will be on the web sat. night...

...will comment then.


I find it really interesting (although question if it just had to do with video editing) that Brock gave his conditioning guy basically carte blanche with the athletes and appeared to use physical conditionin as his primary evaluation tool.

I say this because most athletes can achieve a higher level of conditioning pretty rapidly, assuming their base level is decent, which if it were not would be pretty evident fast paced warm-ups and grappling drills.

Shamar stuck to the game plan. The guy likes to bang, put him on the mat. We'll see what his next fight brings. The truth of the matter is the guy from Germany didn't even display basic takedown defense.

Looks like there's going to be some drama, for sure, but a lot of times you see the clips and then watch it in the actual episode and are like, "Oh, that was it?"


yeah, i thought so too....in a way, i thought it was a good idea, since every season you see a bunch of idiots that show up out of shape and gas. i suppose this way, he can have them did a maintenance level of conditioning, and develop their game plan.

on the flip side, a lot of the coaches have said in the past that it's pointless to develop anyone's skill on the show, due to the short duration of training.


Huh. That's a component I hadn't thought of and a good point that kinda puts things in a different light.

I guess it's just kind of baffling to me that you would achieve something like that (I have had two friends audition and the turnouts are huge and it sounds like they evaluate pretty fairly) and not show up for the show in relative fighting shape.


I didn't really get the point of that conditioning test.


Well, putting it in the context of what CBM posted, maybe his team decided looking back on previous seasons that a lot of guys were gassing and not really following through past the first round and decided that they would eliminate the guys who showed up having spent most of their time as Brock stated, "sitting on the couch eating potato chips and drinking beer," or something along that line.

Their attitude may be that skills are what they are given the time spent with the athletes and your ability to be game for 10 minutes will matter more in a close contest.

I find it interesting that in the clip they showed from the next episode Brock basically stated, "wrestling is a powerful tool in MMA."

I wonder how telling it will be.


that was one of the worst first episodes ever. I like that Brock and JDS dont just yap and yap at each other all episode long. That just makes the coaches look like unprofessional douches. I like the way they two carried themselves in the first episode.

that fight was incredibly boring. I'm glad that I always DVR the show and watch it later cause after 1 minute of the fight I just FFed all the way to the end and it was exactly the same the whole way through.

Hopefully there will be some good fights throughout the season but I'm not going to hold my breath. This show has been going downhill for a while now IMO


I think it's hit or miss, last season was great. Mckenzie guillotine, Nam Phan, Michael Johnson.


I think it is called editing

I make television for a living- and work with some of the
'geniuses' who decide what gets shown and how it doesn't.

I dont do reality shows if I can help it but who doesn't need dollaz
big city life is expensive.

most of the producers treat the 'talent' like wind up toys.
wind em up and shoot hours of shit footage and cut it together.

One client is the executive of all of the housewives shows,
he also does top chef.

he is a genius at getting people to play each other.
its amazing how he gets his staff to excite, gets these idiots
to play the fool.

I would guess for dudes who are semi pro fighters complete with tattoos,
epic cliches , and loaded with testosterone

your gonna get some good drama
and the goons with the most drama are going to be on TV the most.

the show is going down hill- how many unknown semi pros are there
with 3 fights who would be on the show vs go to work and get things done.

how much 'raw talent' can their be.

I don't think the conditioning test is that off.
Brock if anything is a hard worker, why would'nt
it be edited to highlight the contrast in Brock and JDS.


I cant believe I actually watched this.
I guess I was expecting the beard


I got a lot of grief on another forum during the 'Junie Browning' season when I said that in my 8 years of training Browning's fight was the worst fight I'd ever seen and that a few of the guys that trained at my gym as amateurs (never mind the pros/semi pros.) would've done better.

I really struggle with the fact that some of these guys get a pass in to the UFC based on 'marketable personality (read: how much of a dick they act) when other, better fighters are still working smaller shows.


Very interesting post. I met a guy at the gym who does the same thing and he told me almost exactly what you said. He travels all over the place as a contractor and does video editing. You may even know him, not knowing how big of a community it is.

My uderstanding of the 'try-out' process from guys I know who have done it is thy have you grapple starting on you knees, then they do a mit workout where they call combinations to see how much striking you have trained, etc. My one friend (who is a Greco guy) did great on the grappling but was told to come back when he got better at his striking because the guy was telling him to do things he wasn't familiar with.

They interview you briefly, as well and I have no idea how they screen once you pass that initial phase, but it sounds like initially they are screened largely on skill.

Did anyone see that WWE is now starting their own show with Stone Cold as the leader?


***** Episode 2 *****

well, it looks like Borck was spot on with the conditioning test....while JDS was going after the "weaker" picks, his guy clearly gassed and lost his edge. wasn't much better of a fight than the first episode, but Brock's guy won by heart and conditioning.

as far as the d-bag wanting to go home....well, he's a d-bag.

btw, Brock some more good Brock quotes....

as far as the try-outs, a couple guys from my gym tried out for this season, and bitched aabout the process. still, i've subbed them or taken them down at will, and i'm a senior BJJ white belt (at best), so i dunno... not saying TV majic ins't in there, but the guys i know that tried out suck at BJJ and wrestling.


Brock sure does Love chicken Salad on Sundays.