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TUF 9 Finale

Pick’em ladies.


Clay Guida vs.Diego Sanchez
DaMarques Johnson vs. James Wilks
Kevin Burns vs. Chris Lytle
Ross Pearson vs. Andre Winner
Nate Diaz vs. Joe Stevenson


Melvin Guillard vs. Gleison Tibau
Brad Blackburn vs. Edgar Garcia
Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Tomasz Drwal
Frank Lester vs. Nick Osipczak
Jason Dent vs. Cameron Dollar


Diego Sanchez (I hope not)
DaMarques Johnson
Kevin Burns
Andre Winner
Nate Diaz


Melvin Guillard vs. Gleison Tibau - who knows but should be exciting
Brad Blackburn vs. Edgar Garcia - who?
Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Tomasz Drwal - who cares
Frank Lester vs. Nick Osipczak - hopefully Lester. I have a soft spot in my heart for this guy. He took a real beeting on the show.
Jason Dent vs. Cameron Dollar - who cares. cry baby .vs dick

(Just too gifted. Guida will make it a good fight though. Neither is mentally stable.)

(I think Lester would have beaten Wilks the 2nd time around if fresh. Johnson is better than both of them.)



Nate Diaz
(I really like Joe Daddy but yet another tough matchup for him. He’s fought the best I hope he doesn’t get cut if he loses. Two fighters I like to watch.)

(Was really impressed with his performances in the 3 fights in 30 days or whatever it was. Tough kid I hope he does well.)

Nobody else?

Sanchez (never been a fan until recently, he’s kind of a punk… but I like his spirit. Doesn’t he drink his own pee?)

Wilks (better bjj, good technical striking… it’s going to be a close battle)

Lytle (I think burns is in a little over his head all around)

Winner (he just looked better on the show)

Diaz (but damn I hope he loses)

Damn what a fight glad Diego won. Him against Penn or Florian would be amazing especially because there would be less takedowns.

Glad Joe Daddy got the win tonight. He looked great, good fight. Thought he was gonna get guillotined the way pulver did in his last fight when he went for the first takedown.

Thought Winner took the first two rounds with pearson getting the third, but not that concerned about that fight to be honest.

Was impressed with Wilks. He dominated, was busy, have to give him credit.

Impressed with Burns too. Rocked Lytle, took a lot of shots and kept coming forward.

Thought Diego was gonna end Guida early when he came out guns blazing but Guida survived. The head kick was sick. I had the fight 29-27 Diego like the second judge, if anything else possibly a draw if you give Guida the third round. How the first judge didn’t give Diego a 10-8 first round I’m not sure.

i dunno, if GSP-Penn 1 was a win for GSP, then I dont know how Guida-Sanchez wasn’t a draw or a 28-27 win for Diego (10-8, 9-9, 9-10)

Clay Guida might be the toughest guy alive! That first round he was catchin’ a beating, and I’ve never seen anyone pop back up that fast after catching a high head kick. That was an awesome fight. Burns/ Lytle was great too. Those cats were beating the piss outta each other. Overall a badass card. Directly after my girl, my buddy and I played undisputed and I CroCopped everyone’s faces off!

What is sad about the finale is that even after he was already beat to hell Frank Lester lasted more rounds than Demaques did…

I don’t think BJ dropped GSP, and BJ wasn’t throwing hellbows. (Even though I thought BJ won that fight). Wierd how the fight nights give the best fights of the year. Condit Kampman, this one, Griffin Dos Anjos.

tbh, the Guida v. Sanchez fight was the most exciting one i’ve watched in a long time. Guida is a warrior, his heart and insanity are unquestionable. Btw, was it his blood covering Diego or what? In round 2 there was so much blood looked like right before BJ choked out Stevenson.

Wow! Complete domination by Wilks. I was almost embarrassed for Johnson considering all the trash talking he did. There was no aspect of the game that he even matched up to Wilks. He was dominated both standing and on the ground. Very impressive performance!

First he knocks out Lester’s teeth and now this - he could quickly become one of the better fighters of the division if he continues like this.

man, that was aweosme.

i thought the Stevenson-Diaz fight was good, but when the Sanchez-Quida fight came on…wow.

i hate Sanchez and am a big fan of Guida, but i have no idea how that was a split decison. i figured it at 29-27 for Sanchez (hell, they could have called it in the first round and i don’t think anyone would be surprised). his footwork and striking looked great…whatever he’s doing out in San Diego is really bringing him up to the next level. Guida took some wicked abuse…he’s a damn machine. unfortunately, Sanchez showed how few tools Guida has, and is basically a decent wrestler that’s not all that bad at boxing.

Wilks looked pretty good…for a BJJ fighter, his muay thai is pretty good.

Great card. I’ve heard that the judging on the undercard was horrific, however, though I thought they got it right on the main card bouts. Tibau got ripped the fuck off.