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TUF 9 (Favorite/Best Fighter)


I don't really judge my favorite fighter by skill, it's heart that matters to me. So by my standards Frank Lester won the whole damn show. That guy fought four fights in 34 days! NOT ONE an easy fight, and three of them were WARS! This guy has me as a fan for life.

Anybody catch any of you?


They all really suck except for Demarques who is average. Most of the fights were boring. I thought Ross would be good, but he sucked against the really boring American guy.


IMHO, they stacked this cast with lesser tier American fighters, as a result, I sincerely doubt the winners will make much of a dent in their respective divisions unless they have hardly trained before and have loads of potential. Lightweight and welterweight are two of our most competitive divisions, yet those are the guys that made the show? The grappling displayed this year was especially terrible, we have a couple of lightweights who would've completely owned that show.


Yeah I can't argue that there aren't better fighters out there, or that some of the choices weren't skewed (jason dent) and I too know a light-weight who would have done very well, but there were still things that impressed me, ie franks heart and hard work.


i thoguht Lester kinda sucked, but i won't deny his work ethic or drive to suceed. it always amazes me on that show when a guy will get a second chance and turn it down, or someone will quit in a fight. i suppose at this point it shouldn't surprise me anymore....

all in all, i thought it was a good season. the guys from the UK all seemed pretty decent, and were pretty entertaining.

as far as my favorite fighter, i think i'd go with Lawson. i thought he was pretty damn funny, and showed real talent. too bad he was late coming to the UK team, or he might have been in better condition and had a better showing....


I did like Lester...I though Hendo's gameplan for him kinda sucked in that last fight...if you're the less skilled fighter but have lots of heart and a good chin, turning it into an ugly brawl might have served him better. Always easier to be a sideline/armchair quarterback I know, but Lester was getting picked apart throwing one punch at a time.


Yeah I completely agree with you. He should of at least prepared him to avoid the thai clinch. He took a couple more vicious knees.