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TUF 10 8 Minute Preview




This is going to be one of the best TUF seasons in a long time..lol.

...and they are definitely riding the "Kimbo is going to bring us crazy ratings" train.


Rashad Evans and Rampage seem like brothers. When they fight the first round should have a mandatory 2 minutes of shit talking to make each other mad. Even though it seems like they are just playing it seems like they keep offending each other.


Sucks I don't have cable, that looks pretty interesting. Kimbo keeps some monster muscle mass.


you have the internet and I'm certain this show will make it on there somehow someway.


I guess you didn't notice Marcus Jones...


Marcus looked big overall, but upper body wise kimbo just looks huge. I think it's the traps, and the fact he's coming down from 280 mostly upper body.


"Who is it, Tank Abott?" was pretty funny. I wonder if kimbo heard the other fighters saying f--k him.


Kimbo has never been 280.


How do you know that he has never weighed 280? Do you know him personally?


I think this is going to be the best TUF season ever.


I was referring to his fighting career, he's mostly hovered around 235. There's no way he cuts down from 280. I suppose it's feasible that since his last fight he put on 50 pounds and cut the weight, but it would border on the absurd.


Sucks for Kimbo how Dana put a big target on his back by hyping him up and bringing him out separately.


How tall is Marcus Jones? He looks like John Coffees stunt double. Whoever said Rampage and Evans act like brothers is right. Just about everyone in that cage is gonna try and make a name off of Kimbo, and he's obviously gonna try and prove he's no joke. This might be the first season I actually sit down to watch.


He's 6'6"...and he had to cut to make 265....probably about 10-15lbs. There are a few more "beasts" on the cast as well.


What do they list Rampage at? Thought he was 6'2", but Jones looked a good head taller. Yeah man, the big white dude [Shivers?] looks like a monster. Wonder if any of the ex-NFL guys can really bring it. Thought it was kinda ironic that the other ex-NFL cat was talking about the "real" fighters ready to test Kimbo when you know all the other fighters are thinking the same thing about the ball players.


I wasn't referring to his fighting career. I was talking about overall. And he wasn't a ridiculously sloppy fat 280. Right now he looks like he walks around at 250, but that could be wrong since his legs don't seem to match his upper body.


Considering the reputation of football players it's going to be real interesting.


I kinda feel bad for Kimbo. I'm not a huge fan of the guy but I don't dislike him either. That being said, I really can't see how he's going to win this show. Every single fighter there is looking to be the first guy to take him out. It was bad enough for him already, but with Dana hyping him up like that it had to piss everybody else off. On a side note, the shot near the end with him talking to Rampage, never really realized how good of shape he's in. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the guys in his 40s, looks really good.


Kimbo is thirty something, but this is great news JON JONES vs MATT HAMILL in the works for the finale. This fight has me excited because of the style matchup.