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Tuesday on Prime Time T-Nation

Tonight on Prime Time T-Nation from 7PM to 10PM EST, strength coaches Dan John and Christian Thibaudeau.

OK, a question for you, Dan and Christian. I am a long-time strength trainer and now am over 50. But I still really enjoy working out hard. Thus, I love this site for the honest-effort philosophy of lifting hard. Well, long story short, yesterday, I was doing a circuit consisting of DLs, benches, pull-ups w/weight attached and cleans. I was feeling good so I attacked it with doing 4 of these circuits with around 20 sec rest between sets of 6 reps. I then rested for around 2 minutes and did arms…OK, then, walked to my car, feeling pretty tired, I’ve got a 3 mi. ride home. I think what happened (it scared me) was that I had a bout of tachycardia…and my heart just beat quite fast for about 30 sec. I had sort of a ‘white-out’ so to speak-I’m sure a result of the fast heart rate. Only happened once before, after a touch football game after sprinting, also when driving home. This time, after a Staley-inspired high density lifting session. My ECG has always been A-OK. I know you’re not docs but any opinions? Thank you.

Ah shit, wrong thread. Ah well, if you coaches see this great, if not, 45 sec. on the rest periods!