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Tuesday on Prime Time T-Nation

Tonight on Prime Time T-Nation from 7PM to 10PM EST, strength coaches Chad Waterbury and Mike Robertson, along with Lonnie Lowery. Stay tuned as Chad displays samples from his collection of “celebrity newscaster underwear,” including Greta Van Susteren’s Maidenform bra and Bill O’Reilly’s International Male fishknit boy briefs.

Hi All,
Although I’ve been trying to keep more than half of my Prime Time discussions/ answers/ PMs in one central thread, I will jump around even more among other threads from now on. I hope there weren’t many scattered questions addressed to me that went unanswered last week.

I will, however, check back periodically to my “home base thread” in the Nutrition Forum to see if anyone is “in there”, okay?

Take Care,

I’m tossing my hat in the ring for tonight, too. The move is all done and the Comcast guy came and got me hooked up.