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Tuesday on Prime Time T-Nation

Tonight, from 7PM to 10PM on Prime Time T-Nation, strength coaches Christian Thibaudeau, Dan John, and Mike Robertson, along with nutritionists Dave Barr and Lonnie Lowery. Also, actor Scott Baio, singer Reba McEntire and Kentucky Derby Winner Giacomo, who recites his latest poem, “Love is All, Like a Horse in a Stall.”

Wow, always wanted to meet the lead man from “Charles in Charge!”


In a back issue of Jeff Everson’s magazine, he outlined a program that trainees could do 1-3 times daily. It could be characterized as an “extra workout,” using westside terms. I’ve outlined it below. Do you guys think its good, bad, ugly? What’s your best five minute routine?

Sit-Ups 2x20
Squats 2x20
SLDL 2x20
Push-Ups 2x20
Calf Raise 2x20